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(ASC X12) 187 Weight Qualifier


Code defining the type of weight


A Consolidated Weight
B Billed Weight
C Actual Net Repeated for Combination
D Destination Weight Agreement
E Estimated Net Weight
F Deficit Weight
G Gross Weight
H Weight Per 100 Feet
I Weight Per 1000 Feet
J Light Weight
K Clean Out
L Legal Weight
M Minimum Weight (for rate)
N Actual Net Weight
O Excess Weight Over Maximum
P Weight Per 100 Units
Q Weight Per 1000 Units
R Per Unit Dunnage
S State Weight
T Tare Weight
U Weight Per Unit
V Non Transit Weight (On Transit Bills Only)
W Transit Weight (On Transit Bills Only)
X Maximum Weight (for Rate)
Y Theoretical Weight
Z Mutually Defined
A1 Dimensional Weight
A2 Reweighed By Carrier
A3 Shippers Weight
A4 Average Weight per Load
CD Chargeable Dunnage
CE Certified Weight of Cargo
DR Drained Weight
FR Freight Weight
LC Maximum Lading Capacity
ND Nonchargeable Dunnage
NI Non-Temporary Storage Weight In
NR Non-Temporary Storage Weight Re-handled
NT Non-Temporary Storage Weight Out
PA Pallet Weight
RG Reweigh Gross Weight
RN Reweigh Net Weight
RT Reweigh Tare Weight
SF Storage in Transit Final Weight Out
SI Storage in Transit Weight in
SK Skid Weight
SO Storage in Transit Weight Out
WA Administrative Weight Allowance
WB Unaccompanied Baggage Weight
WG Professional Gear Weight
WJ Joint Travel Regulation Weight

Appears in

AT2Bill of Lading Line Item Detail
AT8Shipment Weight, Packaging and Quantity Data
AT9Trailer or Container Dimension and Weight
AXLVehicle Axle Measurements
CD3Carton (Package) Detail
CF2Summary Freight Bill Detail
F04Weight/Volume Loss
G5Scale Information
G39Item Characteristics – Vendor’s Selling Unit
G55Item Characteristics – Consumer Unit
ID4Load Details
L0Line Item – Quantity and Weight
L3Total Weight and Charges
L8Line Item Subtotal
L10Weight Information
MS6Shipment Quantity and Weight
N7Equipment Details
PO4Item Physical Details
Q2Status Details (Ocean)
T2Transit Inbound Lading
TD1Carrier Details (Quantity and Weight)
TD3Carrier Details (Equipment)
W12Warehouse Item Detail
W19Warehouse Adjustment Item Detail
W20Line Item Detail – Packing
W28Consolidation Information
FU1Bracket Information
FU3Product Detail
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