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(ASC X12) 202 Correction Indicator


Code used to indicate that the transaction set contains information which corrects previous information


AD Adjustment of Previous Freight Bill Charges
AI Supply Additional Information
AR Adding Revenue
B1 Bad Order Car
BA Bi-lateral Agreement Date not Met
BD Balance Due Billing
BE Billing Error
BO Bad Order Setback/Bill Cancelled
CA Cancelled Bill
CM Cancelled Due to Multicars Being Covered on One Waybill
CO Correction
CP Correct Container or Consolidation Contents
CS Consolidation
CT Cancel Waybill
CU Covered Under Another Universal Railroad Revenue Waybill Identification
D1 Diversion or Reconsignment
DC Dispute Over Collect/Prepaid
DE Delete Event
DP Delete Container or Consolidation Contents
DS Delayed Shipment
EM Error Move
MB Miscellaneous Billing
MD Change Settlement Date
MR Misroute
NC No Car (Have Not Received Car)
ND No Division Available
PD Past Due Billing
RB Rebilling (Ignore Previous Bill)
RC Revenue Correction
RD Route Dispute
RE Reassignment/Transfer
RL Rule 11 Domain Dispute
SC Switch Carrier
SP Separated Car From Multicar Shipment
TL Transload
WC Wrecked Car

Appears in

B3Beginning Segment for Carrier’s Invoice
B3BBeginning Segment for Rail Carrier’s Invoice
BSWBeginning Segment for Carrier’s Services Settlement
CMCargo Manifest
ZC1Beginning Segment for Data Correction or Change
ZDTransaction Set Deletion – ID, Reason, and Source
ZRWaybill Reference Identification
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