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(ASC X12) 206 Equipment Initial


Prefix or alphabetic part of an equipment unit’s identifying number

Appears in

ANSI X12 EDI B4Beginning Segment for Inquiry or Reply
ANSI X12 EDI B12Beginning Segment for Consolidation of Goods In Container
ANSI X12 EDI BGPBeginning Segment for Problem Log Inquiry or Advice
ANSI X12 EDI BVABeginning Vehicle Advice
ANSI X12 EDI CADCarrier Detail
ANSI X12 EDI CD1Cargo Detail
ANSI X12 EDI CICCar Information Control
ANSI X12 EDI E6Advance Car Disposition
ANSI X12 EDI EDEquipment Description
ANSI X12 EDI EIAutomatic Equipment Identification
ANSI X12 EDI F02Identification of Shipment
ANSI X12 EDI FACFacing Direction
ANSI X12 EDI G5Weight Information
ANSI X12 EDI G07Carrier Information
ANSI X12 EDI GR4Loading Cluster
ANSI X12 EDI ICIntermodal Chassis Equipment
ANSI X12 EDI IS1Estimated Time of Arrival and Car Scheduling
ANSI X12 EDI M20Permit to Transfer Request Details
ANSI X12 EDI N7Equipment Details
ANSI X12 EDI N8Waybill Reference
ANSI X12 EDI N8AAdditional Reference Information
ANSI X12 EDI NACross-Reference Equipment
ANSI X12 EDI P1Pick-up
ANSI X12 EDI Q5Status Details
ANSI X12 EDI T3Transit Inbound Route
ANSI X12 EDI TD3Carrier Details (Equipment)
ANSI X12 EDI TITransport Information
ANSI X12 EDI VIDConveyance Identification
ANSI X12 EDI W2Equipment Identification
ANSI X12 EDI W08Receipt Carrier Information
ANSI X12 EDI W27Carrier Detail
ANSI X12 EDI X4Customs Release Information
ANSI X12 EDI ZC1Beginning Segment For Data Correction Or Change
ANSI X12 EDI ZDTransaction Set Deletion – ID, Reason, and Source
ANSI X12 EDI ZRWaybill Reference Identification
ANSI X12 EDI ZTWaybill Request Information
ANSI X12 EDI G27Carrier Detail
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