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(ASC X12) 221 Billed/Rated-as Qualifier


Code identifying the type of quantity or value on which the rate or item pricing is based


AR Appurtenance (Enhancements/Additions to Equipment)
BA Barrels
BX Box
CC Cubic Centimeter
CF Cubic Foot
CM Centimeter
DK Kilometers
DM Miles
DR Drivers
EA Each
FR Flat Rate
FT Foot
GC 100 Gallons
GL Gallon
KG Kilogram
LB Pound
LC 100 Pounds
LH 100 Liters
LR Liter
MR Mileage
MT Measurement Ton
MV Monetary Value
NB Barge
NC Car
ND Cord
NG Nights
NL Load
NN Train
NP Piece
NR Container
NT Trailer
NU Unit
NV Vehicle
OR Other
PK Package
PR Persons
RV Release Value
SP Stops
ST Number of States
SY Square Yards
TD Days
TH Hours
TN Tons
TR Time
VA Actual Volume
VC Chargeable Volume
VM Volume Metric Unit

Appears in

CHRCar Hire Rates
DRTCar Hire Rate Detail
L0Line Item – Quantity and Weight
L1Rate and Charges
L8Line Item Subtotal
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