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(ASC X12) 235 Product/Service ID Qualifier


Code identifying the type/source of the descriptive number used in Product/Service ID (234)


A1 Plant Equipment Number
A2 Department of Defense Identification Code (DoDIC)
A3 Locally Assigned Control Number
A4 Subsistence Identification Number
A5 Application State
A6 Document Identification Code
A7 Subline Item Number
A8 Exhibit Line Item Number
A9 Health Care Financing Administration National Standard Format Podiatry Codes
AA American Trucking Associations Assembly
AB Assembly
AC Aggregation Code (Used to Consolidate Part Families)
AD American Dental Association Codes
AE Serial Item and Contribution Identifier (Defined in ANSI 239.56)
AF Front Axle Serial Number
AG Age
AH Billboards Commercial
AI Alternate ISBN
AJ Piggyback Commercial
AK Refined Product Code
AL Axle Serial Number
AM Allocation Methodology Identification Code
AN Asset Number
AO GAS*FLOW Product or Service Charge Code
AP American Trucking Associations Part
AQ Appraisal Product Type
AR ARINC Part Number
AS Rear Axle Serial Number
AT Assortability Code
AU Appraisal Service
AV Additional Product Identification Assigned by the Manufacturer
AW Well Number
AX Assembly Lot Number
AY American Trucking Associations System
AZ Axle Ratio
B1 Volume Set
B2 Library of Congress Code
B3 Edition Code
B4 Binding Code
B5 Title Code
B6 Author Code
B7 Publisher Code
B8 Batch Number
B9 Front Axle Driven Serial Number
BA Bale Number
BB Print Color Standard Reference
BC Supplier Brand Code
BD Buyer Ground Shade Identifier
BE Buyer’s Engineering Change Level Number
BF Vendor Ground Shade Identifier
BG Ground Shade Standard Reference
BH Finish/Hand Standard Reference
BI Rear Axle Rear Non Driven Serial Number
BJ Application Completion Method
BK Backing
BL Brand/Label
BM Beam Number
BN Bar-Coded Serial Number
BO Buyers Color
BP Buyer’s Part Number
BQ Benefit ID
BR Compensation Type Code
BS Bill Subgroup Code
BT Volume Type Identification Code
BU Bus Body Serial Number
BV Beverage Common Code
BW Compensation Allocation Code
BX Bill Credit Code
BY Concept Code
BZ Coverage Type
C1 Channel
C2 Connector Type
C3 Classification
C4 Configuration Item Identifier
C5 Insurance Plan Description Characteristics
C6 Asset Type
C7 Asset Category
C8 Fund Sub-Advisor
C9 Dun & Bradstreet Standard Product and Service Code
CA Case
CB Buyer’s Catalog Number
CC Compatible Cut Number
CD Motor Vehicle-Line Designator
CE Class of Contract Code
CF Chassis Serial Number
CG Commodity Grouping
CH Country of Origin Code
CI Common Language Equipment Identifier (CLEI)
CJ Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Codes
CK Candidate Oil
CL Color
CM National Retail Merchants Association Color Code
CN Commodity Name
CO Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) Registry Number
CP Carry-over Part Number
CQ Equipment Code per COPAS standard
CR Contract Number
CS Service code per COPAS standard
CT Continuation (ID Number Spans Multiple Product ID Data Elements)
CU Cut Number
CV Customer Provided Equipment
CW Contract Activity Code
CX Completion Number
CY Customer Company Registry Number
CZ Country from which Procured
D1 Underwriting Method of Direct Writer
D2 Medical Information Bureau (MIB) Authorization
D3 Policy Form
D4 Plan Code
D5 Coverage Risk Type
DD Distributor
DE Design Number
DF Device Family
DG Discount Grouping
DI Deposit Item Number
DL Dye Lot Number
DM Committee for Uniform Security Identification Procedure Number (CUSIP) Number
DN Die Number
DO Dividend Use
DP Discontinued Part Number
DQ Event Type
DR Drawing Revision Number
DS Group ID
DT Device Type
DU Joint Life Type
DV Location Code
DW Nonforfeiture Option
DX International Classification of Diseases Clinical Modification (ICD-9-CM) – Diagnosis
DY Premium Rate Type
DZ Diagnosis Code Pointer
E1 Contract Change Authorization Type
E2 Fund Abbreviation
E3 Fund Type
E4 Related Policy Identification
E5 Tax Code
E6 Contract Transfer Reason Code
EA EAN-99 In-store Coupon Code
EB Fuel Tank Serial Number
EC Engineering Change Level
ED Engine Displacement Identification
EE Premium Use
EF Exhibit Identifier
EG Purpose of Insurance
EH Sales Presentation ID
EI Expense Identifier
EJ Service Feature ID
EK Settlement/Payout Option
EL Buyer’s Subline Item Number
EM Equipment Identification Number
EN European Article Number (EAN) (2-5-5-1)
EP Buyer’s End Product Number
EQ Equipment Type
ER Jurisdiction Specific Procedure and Supply Codes
ES Engine Serial Number
EU Skill Code
EX Exchanged Part, Assembly or Product
EZ Shift Worked
F1 Catalog Number
F2 Technical Order Number
F3 Technical Manual Number
F4 Series Identifier
F5 Obligation Authority Number
F6 First Prior Identifier
F7 End-Item Description
F8 Next Higher Used Assembly
F9 Former Publisher
FA Failed Subassembly Serial Number
FB Form Number
FC Coupon Family Code
FD Fund
FE Feature
FF Fifth Wheel Serial Number
FG Fund Manager
FI Finish Number
FL Finish Lot Number
FM Failed Subassembly Model Number
FN Final Test Lot Number
FP Fabric Pieces Per Roll
FS National Stock Number
FT Federal Supply Classification
FW New Microcode
GA Gathering
GC Grade Code
GD Grain Direction
GE Generic Name Description
GI Graphics Industry Bar Code (GIBC)
GK Glider Kit
GN Grade Name
GQ Group Qualifier Code
GR Gear Ratio
GS General Specification Number
GU Volume Usage Identification Code
HC Health Care Financing Administration Common Procedural Coding System (HCPCS) Codes
HD International Harmonized Commodity Code
HI HIBC (Health Care Industry Bar Code)
HN Heat Number
IA Information Media Type
IB International Standard Book Number (ISBN)
IC Interior Color Number
ID International Classification of Diseases Clinical Modification (ICD-9-CM) – Procedure
IE Insurer’s Fund Code
IF Investment Fund Type
IG Ignition Key Number
IM Imprint (Trademark Code of Subsidiary)
IN Buyer’s Item Number
IP GAS*FLOW Invoice Posting Code
IQ IRS Qualification Code
IR Ingredient
IS International Standard Serial Number (ISSN)
IT Buyer’s Style Number
IV Home Infusion EDI Coalition (HIEC) Product/Service Code
IW Interchangeability Code
IZ Buyer’s Size Code
JA Anniversary
JB Commission Identifier
JC Commission Year
JD Contribution Year
JN Job Number
JP Package Type Code
JS Job Sequence Number
KA Engineering Data List
KB Data Category Code
KD Replacement National Stock Number
KE Military Standard
KF Item Type Number
KG Time Compliant Technical Order
KI Cognizance Symbol
KJ Material Control Code
KK Special Material Identification Code
KL Item Management Code
KM Shelf-Life Code
KN Shelf-Life Action Code
KP Kanban Plan Number
L1 Program Level
L2 Topic Level
L3 Subtopic Level
L4 Life/Annuity Service Features
L5 Line of Authority
LA Labor Group
LB Logical Observation Identifier Names and Codes (LOINC) Codes
LC Laboratory Test Condition Code
LD Systematized Nomenclature of Human and Veterinary Medicine (SNOMED)
LG Lift Gate Serial Number
LP Life/Annuity Product Code
LR Lease Number
LS Load Sequence
LT Lot Number
LU Lot Pricing Unit Number
MA Machine Number
MB Measurement Type Code
MC Mortgage Credit Data Order Type
MD Method of Delivery Code
ME Market Program Code
MF Manufacturer
MG Manufacturer’s Part Number
MH Medication Code
MI Mortgage Insurance Product Code or Number
MJ Manual Transmission Serial Number
MK Front Axle Non Driven Serial Number
MM Motor Equipment Manufacturing Association (MEMA) Product Type Code
MN Model Number
MO Movement Type Code
MP Mortgage Product Code
MQ Mortgage Underwriting Type
MR Maintenance Index Page Reference Number
MS Military Specification (MILSPEC) Number
MT Major Product/Material/Machine Type
MU Authorized Parts List Number
MV Equipment Location
MW Equipment Hierarchical Sequence Identifier
MX Repair Induction Identifier
N1 National Drug Code in 4-4-2 Format
N2 National Drug Code in 5-3-2 Format
N3 National Drug Code in 5-4-1 Format
N4 National Drug Code in 5-4-2 Format
N5 National Health Related Item Code in 5-5 Format
N6 National Health Related Item Code in 4-6 Format
NC Treasury Management Association
ND National Drug Code (NDC)
NE Yarn Count – English
NH National Health Related Item Code
NM Yarn Count – Metric
NR Non-resaleable item (excluding deposit) number
NU National Uniform Billing Committee (NUBC) UB92 Codes
NW New Replacement Part or Assembly Defective
NZ Combined NCCMA/Bank Service Code
OA Old U.P.C./EAN Case Code
OB Old U.P.C./EAN Multipack Code
OC Old U.P.C./EAN Consumer Package Code
OD Old U.P.C./EAN Module Code
OE Original Equipment Number
OF Old Common Language Equipment Identifier (CLEI) Code
OG Old Microcode
OH Opposite-Hand Part Number
OI Optical Industry Product Code
OL Optical Cable Code
ON Customer Order Number
OO Outside Production Operation Sheet Number
OP Obsolete Part Number
OR Offer Number
OT Internal Number
P1 Petroleum Accountants Society of Canada Operating and Maintenance Code – Goods and Services Tax Not Applicable
P2 Petroleum Accountants Society of Canada Capital Expenditure Code – Goods and Services Tax Not Applicable
P3 Petroleum Accountants Society of Canada Tubular Code
P4 Petroleum Accountants Society of Canada Non-Tubular Code
P5 Material Discharge Number
P7 Previous Carrier
P8 Retail Price Look Up Number (PLU)
P9 Ply
PA Pattern Number
PB Petroleum Accountants Society of Canada Operating and Maintenance Code – Goods and Services Tax Forwarded
PC Prime Contractor Part Number
PD Part Number Description
PE Pieces in Roll
PF Petroleum Accountants Society of Canada Capital Expenditure Code – Goods and Services Tax Forwarded
PG Packaging Specification Number
PH Property and Casualty Service Code
PI Purchaser’s Item Code
PJ Product Date Code (A code indicating the period during which a product was manufactured.)
PK Packaging Drawing
PL Purchaser’s Order Line Number
PM Number of Positions on Machine
PN Company Part Number
PO Purchase Order Number
PP Air Transportation Association Proprietary Rights Code
PQ Product ID Attribute Code
PR Process Number
PS Position
PT Print or Drawing
PU Part Reference Number
PV Advertising Package Identification Code
PW Part Drawing
PX Secondary Ply
PY Operator Assigned Property Identification
PZ Product Change Notice Number
R1 Replacement Subassembly Model Number
R2 Replacement Subassembly Serial Number
RA Return Code
RB National Uniform Billing Committee (NUBC) UB82 Codes
RC Returnable Container Number
RD Reel Number
RE Reefer Serial Number
RF Repair From Product Code
RG Reference Oil
RH Radiator Serial Number
RI Rear Axle Front Rear Driven Serial Number
RJ Rear Axle Rear Driven Serial Number
RK Rack Number
RL Rate Detail Card
RM Related Model Number
RN Release Number
RO Roll Number
RP Replaced Part Number
RR Replacement Product Number
RS Set Number
RT Reel Type
RU Run Number
RV Repair Tag Number
RW Relative Value Units
RY Record Keeping or Model Year
RZ Related Model Type
S2 Second Prior Identifier
S3 Phase
S4 Laboratory Sample Identification
S5 State Sample Identification
S6 Previous Sample Identification
S7 Source of Deposit Code
S8 Source of Lead Code
SA Schematic Diagram Reference Number
SB Submission Number
SC Seller’s Date Code
SD Supplier Company Registry Number
SE Section Print Number
SF Surface Finish
SG Seat Serial Number
SH Service Requested
SI Standard Industrial Classification Code
SJ Religious Retail Non-book Item
SK Stock Keeping Unit (SKU)
SL Seller’s Lot Number
SM National Retail Merchants Association Size Code
SN Serial Number
SO System Identifier
SP Superseded Purchase Order Number
SQ Roll Sequence Number
SR Substitute Product Number
SS Superseded Part Number
ST Style Number
SU Side Up/Side Down
SV Service Rendered
SW Stock Number
SX Sleeper Box Key Number
SY Sleeper Box Serial Number
SZ Vendor Alphanumeric Size Code (NRMA)
T2 Tex
T3 Third Prior Identifier
TA Pipeline Transaction Code
TB Treasury Management Association Service Code and Bank Service Code
TC Telecommunications Circuit ID
TD Treatment Codes
TE Treasury Management Association Service Code
TF The Air Cargo Tariff (TACT) Commodity Code
TG Automatic Transmission Serial Number
TH Transfer Case Serial Number
TI Trade In Identifier
TJ Auxiliary Transmission Serial Number
TM Telephone Industry Manufacturer Code
TN Railroad-Owned Unit Train Number
TP Product Type Code
TR Truck Body Serial Number
TS Transmission Serial Number
TT Type Selvage
TU Tested Material Identification Number
TV Line of Business
TW Program Code
TX Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Service Bulletin Number
TY Telecommunications Industry Service Code
TZ Program Description Identifier
U2 U.P.C. Shipping Container Code (1-2-5-5)
U3 United Nations Common Coding System (UNCCS)
U5 Broker Price Opinion Service
U6 Real Estate Property Information Service
UA U.P.C./EAN Case Code (2-5-5)
UB U.P.C./EAN Multipack Code
UC U.P.C. Suffix (Defines Packing Variations)
UD U.P.C./EAN Consumer Package Code (2-5-5)
UE U.P.C./EAN Module Code (2-5-5)
UF User-Defined Shipping Container Identifier
UG Drug U.P.C. Consumer Package Code (1-4-6-1)
UH Drug U.P.C. Shipping Container Code (1-2-4-6-1)
UI U.P.C. Consumer Package Code (1-5-5)
UJ U.P.C./EAN Coupon Code (2-5-5)
UK U.P.C./EAN Shipping Container Code (1-2-5-5-1)
UL U.P.C. Coupon Code (1-5-5-1)
UM Universal Vendor Marking, Short Code (UVM; U Line)
UN U.P.C. Case Code Number (1-1-5-5)
UO SSCC-18 and Application Identifier
UP U.P.C. Consumer Package Code (1-5-5-1)
UQ United Nations (UN) Number (Dangerous Goods)
UR UCC/EAN-128 Coupon Extended Code
US Uniform Stock Symbol System Code Number
UT Company-Owned Unit Train Number
UV Universal Vendor Marking, Long Code (UVM; R,P,M Lines)
UX Universal Product Number
VA Vendor’s Style Number
VB Vendor’s Engineering Change Level Number
VC Vendor’s (Seller’s) Catalog Number
VE Vendor Color
VI Vary Item Product Number
VM Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards
VN Vendor’s (Seller’s) Item Number
VO Vendor’s Order Number
VP Vendor’s (Seller’s) Part Number
VS Vendor’s Supplemental Item Number
VT Vintage
VU Vendor’s Basic Unit Number
VV Motor Vehicle ID Number
VX Vendor’s Specification Number
W1 End Item Serial Number
W2 Work Unit Number
W5 Reclamation Process
W6 Woolen Run
W7 Woolen Cut
WA Random Weight Aggregation Code
WC World Code
WL Wafer Lot Identifier
WR Yarn Count Worsted
WS Wheel Chair Lift Serial Number
XA Preferred Part Number
XC Expendable Container Identification
XP Preferred National Stock Number
XQ Preferred Manufacturer
XZ Contractor Establishment Code
YP Publication Number
ZB Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code
ZR Service Control Identification
ZZ Mutually Defined

Appears in

ACKLine Item Acknowledgment
ADJAdjustments to Balances or Services
AM1Informational Values
AXLVehicle Axle Measurements
BLIBasic Baseline Item Data
CD2Multi-Valued Characteristics
CR6Home Health Care Certification
CROCredit Report Order Details
DLVDeliverable Information
DSBDisability Information
G17Item Detail – Invoice
G19Line Item Detail – Quantity/Unit of Measure/Price Differences
G21Product Information
G28Line Item Numbers
G39Item Characteristics – Vendor’s Selling Unit
G45Line Item Detail – Promotion
G51Free Goods/Product Condition
G54Module Description
G55Item Characteristics – Consumer Unit
G68Line Item Detail – Product
G83Line Item Detail/Direct Store Delivery
G89Line Item Detail – Adjustment
HCPHealth Care Pricing
ID1Item Detail Dimensions
ID3Dimensions Detail
IT1Baseline Item Data (Invoice)
IT8Conditions of Sale
JIDEquipment Detail
JILLine Item Detail for the Operating Expense Statement
LADLading Detail
LICLicense Information
LINItem Identification
MNCMortgage Note Characteristics
PKLMulti-Pack Configuration
PO1Baseline Item Data
POCLine Item Change
Q8Detail Delivery Exception Information
RCRoot Cause
REPRepair Action
SERService Charges
SIISales Item Information
SLNSubline Item Detail
TISTitle Insurance Services
UCSUnderwriting Considerations
W01Line Item Detail – Warehouse
W04Item Detail Total
W07Item Detail For Stock Receipt
W12Warehouse Item Detail
W19Warehouse Adjustment Item Detail
FU4Product Pack Detail
FU5Co-Product Information
FX3Product Information
FX4Equipment Information
FX5Services Information
UPIUniversal Product Identification
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