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(ASC X12) 236 Price Identifier Code


Code identifying pricing specification


ACT Actual
AGC Average Generic Product Price
ALT Alternate Price
AWP Average Wholesale Price
BBP Balance-Based Price
BCH Base Charge
C01 Contract Tier 1
C02 Contract Tier 2
C03 Contract Tier 3
C04 Contract Tier 4
C05 Contract Tier 5
C06 Contract Tier 6
C07 Contract Tier 7
C08 Contract Tier 8
C09 Contract Tier 9
C10 Contract Tier 10
C11 Contract Tier 11
C12 Contract Tier 12
C13 Contract Tier 13
C14 Contract Tier 14
C15 Contract Tier 15
C16 Contract Tier 16
C17 Contract Tier 17
C18 Contract Tier 18
C19 Contract Tier 19
C20 Contract Tier 20
C21 Contract Tier 21
C22 Contract Tier 22
C23 Contract Tier 23
C24 Contract Tier 24
C25 Contract Tier 25
C26 Contract Tier 26
C27 Contract Tier 27
C28 Contract Tier 28
C29 Contract Tier 29
C30 Contract Tier 30
CAN Cancellation Charge
CAT Catalog Price
CDF Central Distribution Facility (Warehouse)
CDV Current Domestic Value
CHG Changed Price
CON Contract Price
CUP Confirmed Unit Price
CUS Declared Customs Unit Value
D01 Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) Price
D02 Depot Price
D03 Distribution and Pricing Agreement (DAPA) Price
DAP Dealer Adjusted Price
DIS Distributor’s Price
DPR Discount Price
DSC Discount Amount Allowed
DSD Direct Store Delivery
DSP Direct Ship Program Price
EDM Emergency Direct Ship Price (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
EDP Emergency Direct Ship Price
EDS Emergency Direct Ship Price (Supplier)
EDW Emergency Direct Ship Price (Warehouse)
ELC Estimated Landed Cost
EST Estimated Price
EUP Expected Unit Price
FCH Flat Charge
FCP First Cost Price
FDS Frequent Delivery Service
FET Federal Excise Tax
FGP Free Goods Price
FSP Free Service Price
FUL Federal Upper Limit Price (Maximum Allowable Cost Pricing for Drugs)
FUP Firm Price – Do Not Advise
GAP Advertising Price
GDP Display Price
GOV Government Price
GSP Shelf Price
GTP Temporary Price Reduction Price
ICL Unit Price Through Quantity
IND Industrial Price
INS Institutional Price
INV Invoice Billing Price
LAR Labor Rate
LPP Lease to Purchase Price
LPR List Price
MAP Mandatory to Advise Unit Price
MAS Minimum Activity Surcharge
MAX Maximum Order Quantity Price
MIN Minimum Order Quantity Price
MNC Minimum Charge
MNR Minimum Release Quantity Price
MOD Modal Premium
MPR Maximum Price Reduction
MSR Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail
MXR Maximum Release Quantity Price
N01 Noncontract Tier 1
N02 Noncontract Tier 2
N03 Noncontract Tier 3
N04 Noncontract Tier 4
N05 Noncontract Tier 5
N06 Noncontract Tier 6
N07 Noncontract Tier 7
N08 Noncontract Tier 8
N09 Noncontract Tier 9
N10 Noncontract Tier 10
N11 Noncontract Tier 11
N12 Noncontract Tier 12
N13 Noncontract Tier 13
N14 Noncontract Tier 14
N15 Noncontract Tier 15
N16 Noncontract Tier 16
N17 Noncontract Tier 17
N18 Noncontract Tier 18
N19 Noncontract Tier 19
N20 Noncontract Tier 20
N21 Noncontract Tier 21
N22 Noncontract Tier 22
N23 Noncontract Tier 23
N24 Noncontract Tier 24
N25 Noncontract Tier 25
N26 Noncontract Tier 26
N27 Noncontract Tier 27
N28 Noncontract Tier 28
N29 Noncontract Tier 29
N30 Noncontract Tier 30
N31 No Charge
NET Net Item Price
OAP Optional to Advise Unit Price
OPP Original Purchase Order Price
PAP Protection Level Price
PAQ Price Break Quantity(s)
PBQ Unit Price Beginning Quantity
PBR Price Break Purchase Order Count
PHS Public Health Service Price
PIE Price in Effect at Time of Shipment
PLT Producing Plant Price
PPA Packing Level Price
PPD Prepaid Freight Charges
PRF Professional Price
PRO Producer’s Price
PRP Promotional price
PUR Purchase
QTE Quote Price
REG Regular Charge
RES Resale
RPA Rental Price, Annual
RPM Rental Price, Monthly
RPP Replacement Price
RSH Rush Charge
RTL Retail
SAC Service Attempted Charge
SDP Suggested Dealer Net Price
SFP Suggest
SHD Ship and Debit
SLP Suggested List Price
SPC Special Price
SPE Single Price (Factors Equalized)
STA Standard Price
SUM Sum of Line Items
SWP Suggested Wholesale Price
THP Threshold Price
TOT Total Invoice Amount Due
TRF Transfer
UCP Unit cost price
ULC Unsalable Item List Cost
WAR Public Warehouse Price
WHL Wholesale
WSP Waived Service Price
ZNP Zone Price

Appears in

AP1Alternate Parts
BLIBasic Baseline Item Data
CDDCredit/Debit Adjustment Detail
CTPPricing Information
DVIDynamic Vehicle Information
G40Bracket Price
G46Promotion Allowance/Charge
G91Price Change Status
G93Price Bracket Identification
PO3Additional Item Detail
SERService Charges
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