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(ASC X12) 242 Vent Instruction Code


Code specifying vent instructions


VC Vents Closed to Destination
VO Vents Open to Destination
VS Standard Ventilation at 32 Degrees
V40 Standard Ventilation at “–” Degrees (Other than 32 Degrees)
VOI Vents on Irons
VD40 Diagonal Ventilation at “–” Degrees (Other than 32 Degrees) – Open Vent Each End of Car
VDOI Diagonal Vents on Irons
VS10 Standard Ventilation – Substitute Carrier’s Protective Service at First Terminal Train Yard where Heaters Are Available and Outside Temperature is 10 Degrees Above Zero or Lower (PPT #619 Rules 385 and 515)

Appears in

H3Special Handling Instructions
LPLoad Planning
Review post

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