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(ASC X12) 246 Certification/Clause Code


Code identifying certification/clause information


01Shipper’s Load and Count
02Shipper’s Load, Stowage and Count
03Laden on Board
04Laden on Board Vessel
05Vessel Not Responsible for Freezing
06Container(s) Sealed by Shipper
07On Deck at Shipper’s Risk
09Sea Waybill
10This Shipment is Effected under a Sea Waybill
11Memo Bill of Lading Only
12Refrigerated Cargo
13Cool Cargo
14Freeze Cargo
15Inland Transportation Arranged as Agents Only with such Arranged Transportation Being Solely for Account and Risk of Cargo
16Sea-Air Cargo
17Freight Prepaid
18Freight Collect
19Freight as Agreed
20No Shipper’s Export Declaration Required (Section 30.39)
21Carrier Reserves the Right to Place Container(s) in Heated Warehouse at a Set Cost
22On Board Rail
23On Board Truck
24On Board Vessel
25Received For Shipment
26On Board Container
27On Board Airplane
28On Board Boxcar
29Emergency Response Statement
30International Maritime Organization Certification
31Statement of Correctness
32Destination Control Statements
33Producing Country of Origin
34Laden on Board Named Vessel
35Age of Vessel
38Certification Statements
39Destination Country
40Title Passage Clause
41Container Safety Act
42Substantial Transformation
43Canada Value Added
44Mexican Value Added
45General Agreement on Tariff and Trade (GATT)
46Prior Damage Remarks
CBCaribbean Basin Initiative (CBI)
CPContainer Packing Certificate
DVDelivery Order Liability Clause
EEEstimate Error
EREstimate Remarks
GSGeneral System of Preferences (GSP)
ISIsraeli Free Trade Agreement
NFNorth American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

Appears in

C8Certifications and Clauses
SUPSupplementary Information
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