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(ASC X12) 263 Rating Code


Code identifying the status of the credit account rating


00Not Used, Too New to Rate, or Unclassified
01Current or Account Paid According to Terms
0230-59 Days Past Due
0360-89 Days Past Due
0490-119 Days Past Due
05120 Days or More Past Due
07Making Payments Under Wage Earner Plan
09Bad Debt Placed for Collection
10Currently Active
11Currently Owing
12Currently Past Due
13Paid Anticipate
14Paid Discount
15Paid in Cash
16Paid Prompt
17Paid Slow
18Placed for Collection Paid
19Placed for Collection Partially Paid
20Unfavorable Comments

Appears in

PPDPayment Pattern Details
PYMPayment Manner and Percentage
Review post

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