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(ASC X12) 284 Service Level Code


Code indicating the level of transportation service or the billing service offered by the transportation carrier


01Bulk Commodity Train
09Premium Surface
3DThree Day Service
9A9 A.M.
ACAir Cargo
AEAir Economy
BCBusiness Class
CBConsignee Billing Service
CECourier Express
CXExpress Service
D1Delivery Scheduled Next Day by Cartage Agent
D2Delivery scheduled second day by cartage agent
D3Delivery scheduled third day by cartage agent
DCDelivery Confirmation
DFDeferred Service
DRDelivery Confirmation Return
DSDoor Service
DTDelivery Notification Only
ESExpedited Service
ETProof of Delivery (POD) with Signature
FCFirst Class
G2Standard Service
GPExpress Service Plus
GTTracking – Ground
IEExpedited Service – Worldwide
IXExpress Service – Worldwide
NDNext Day Air
NFNext Flight Out
NHNext Day Hundred Weight
NMNext Morning
NSNot Served
PAPrimary Service Area – Next Day by 10:30 A.M.
PBPriority Mail
PCPrimary Service Area – Next Day By 9:30 AM
PIPriority Mail Insured
PNPrimary Service Area – Next Day by Noon
POP.O. Box/Zip Code
PRPrimary Service Area – Next Day by 5:00 P.M.
PSPrimary Service Area – Second Day by Noon
R1Passenger Service
R2Quality Intermodal High Speed 70 Miles Per Hour (MPH)
R3Other Intermodal and Stack Service
R460 Miles Per Hour (MPH) Service
R5Manifest Freight
R6Circus Train
R7Work Train
R8Commuter Service
RSAuthorized Return Service
SASame Day
SCSecond Day Air
SESecond Day
SGStandard Ground
SHSecond Day Hundred Weight
SIStandard Ground Hundred Weight
SMSecond Morning
SPSaturday Pickup
STStandard Class
ZZMutually Defined

Appears in

B11Beginning Segment for Shipment Status Inquiry
BAXBeginning Segment for Advance Consist and Transportation Automatic Equipment ID
BTSBeginning Segment for Train Sheets
CADCarrier Details
CD3Carton (Package) Detail
M11Manifest Bill of Lading Details
PIPrice Authority Identification
R3Route Information – Motor
SL1Tariff Details
SMDConsolidated Shipment Manifest Data
TD5Carrier Details (Routing Sequence/Transit Time)
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