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(ASC X12) 335 Transportation Terms Code


Code identifying the trade terms which apply to the shipment transportation responsibility


CAFCost and Freight
CFRCost and Freight
CIFCost, Insurance, and Freight
CIPCarriage and Insurance Paid To
CPTCarriage Paid To
DAFDelivered at Frontier
DDPDelivered Duty Paid
DDUDeliver Duty Unpaid
DEQDelivered Ex Quay
DESDelivered Ex Ship
DOMDomestically Supplied
DUPDelivered; Duty Unpaid
EXQEx Quay
EXSEx Ship
EXWEx Works
FASFree Alongside Ship
FCAFree Carrier
FCIFreight Carriage and Insurance Paid To
FCPFreight Carriage Paid To
FOBFree on Board
FORFree on Rail
FOTFree on Truck
NPFNon-privileged Foreign
PPFPrivileged Foreign
ZZZMutually Defined

Appears in

AT6International Manifest Information
B2Beginning Segment for Shipment Information Transaction
B3Beginning Segment for Carrier’s Invoice
FOBF.O.B. Related Instructions
M2Sales/Delivery Terms
FU2Deal Value
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