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(ASC X12) 336 Terms Type Code


Code identifying type of payment terms


02End of Month (EOM)
03Fixed Date
04Deferred or Installment
05Discount Not Applicable
08Basic Discount Offered
1210 Days After End of Month (10 EOM)
13Seller to advise buyer
14Previously agreed upon
15Special Proximo
16Prompt Payment Act
17Terms not Applicable
18Fixed Date, Late Payment Penalty Applies
20Progress Payment
22Cash Discount Terms Apply
23Payment Due Upon Receipt of Invoice
25Cash Account
26Cash on Advance
27Cash on Arrival
28Cash per Vendor Request
29Cash by State Law
30Cash with Order
31Cash on Delivery (COD)
32Lease Agreement
33Net Month Following Invoice (MFI)
34Sell by Note
35Supplier Floor Plan
36Contract Basis
37Credit Controlled
38Dating Given
39Trade Acceptance
40Bill to Bill
41Letter of Credit
42Lump Sum
43Fixed Fee
44Cost Plus
45Bank Transfer
46Basic Commission Terms
47Bill of Exchange
48Cash Against Documents
49Certified Check
50Discount with Advance Payment
52Discount with Prompt Pay
54Installment Payments are Due Annually
55Installment Payments are Due Semi-annually
56Installment Payments are Due Monthly
57Installment Payments are Due Quarterly
58Irrevocable Letters of Credit
61Payment Order Through Bank
63Promissory Notes
64Secured Account
65Letters of Credit at Sight
CACancellation Option
NCNo Charge
ZZMutually Defined

Appears in

CSContract Summary
G23Terms of Sale
INCInstallment Information
ITDTerms of Sale/Deferred Terms of Sale
MICMortgage Insurance Coverage
PYTHistorical Payment Terms
R11Beginning Segment for Trailer or Container Repair Billing
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