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(ASC X12) 345 Lead Time Code


Code indicating the time range


AAFrom date of PO receipt to sample ready
ABFrom date of tooling authorization to sample ready
ACFrom date of receipt of tooling aids to sample ready
ADFrom date of sample approval to first product shipment
AEFrom date of PO receipt to shipment
AFFrom date of PO receipt to delivery
AGFrom last booked order to delivery
AHFrom Date of Receipt of First Article to First Article Approval
AIFrom Date of a Specified Event to Delivery
AJFrom Date of First Delivery to Date of Subsequent Delivery(ies)
AKFrom Date Of Latest Delivery To Final Delivery
ALFrom Date Of Purchase Order or Contract Receipt To Product Ready
AMFrom Date Of Previous Delivery To Date Of Subsequent Delivery
APFrom Date of Award to Midpoint of Effort
ARFrom Date of Award to Government Receipt of Bond
ASBefore inventory is replenished based on stock check
ATFrom Bid Opening to Expiration of Bid
AUFrom Required-By Date to Expiration Date
AVFrom Date of Award to Date of Latest Delivery
AWFrom Date of Award to Date of Earliest Delivery
AXFrom Date of Award to Date of Completion
AYFrom Date of Award to Date of Delivery
AZFrom Date of Receipt of Item to Date of Approval of Item
BAFrom Date of Award to Expiration Date of Authorization
BBFrom Date of Order Preparation to Date of Order Placement
BCFrom Date of Award to Commencement of Performance
BDFrom Date of Award to Date of Option Exercise
BEFrom Date of Option Exercise to Date of Completion
BFFrom Date of Option Exercise to Date of Delivery
BGFrom Date of a Specified Event to Date of Option Exercise

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