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(ASC X12) 365 Communication Number Qualifier


Code identifying the type of communication number


AAInternational Telephone Access Code
ABJoint Facsimile and Phone Number
ACMessage Only Voice Number
ADDelivery Location Phone
APAlternate Telephone
ASAnswering Service
AUDefense Switched Network
BNBeeper Number
BTBTX Number
CPCellular Phone
DNDefense Data Network (DDN)
EDElectronic Data Interchange Access Number
EMElectronic Mail
EXTelephone Extension
FTFederal Telecommunications System (FTS)
FUFacsimile User Identifier
HFHome Facsimile Number
HPHome Phone Number
ITInternational Telephone
MNModem Number
NPNight Telephone
OFOther Residential Facsimile Number
OTOther Residential Telephone Number
PAAppointment Phone
PCPersonal Cellular
PPPersonal Phone
PSPacket Switching
SPShowing Phone
TNTeletex Number
URUniform Resource Locator (URL)
VMVoice Mail
WCWork Cellular
WFWork Facsimile Number
WPWork Phone Number

Appears in

COMCommunication Contact Information
DMIData Maintenance Information
ENEElectronic Systems Environment
PERAdministrative Communications Contact
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