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(ASC X12) 371 Change Reason Code


Code specifying the reason for price or quantity change


AQAlternate Quantity and Unit of Measure
BBBalancing Quantity
BDBlueprint Deviation
C1Transportation Limitations
C2Source Limitations
C3Contract Limitations
C4Destination Limitations
C5Confirmation Limitations
C6Other Limitations
DCDate Change
EVEstimated Quantity
FEFeasibility Issue
GUGross Volume per Pack and Unit of Measure
GWGross Weight per Pack
LDLength Difference
MCPack/Size Measure Difference
MPMinimum Order
PCPack Difference
PQPack Qualifier
PSProduct/Services ID Change
QHQuantity on Hand
QOQuantity Ordered
QPQuantity Based on Price Qualifier
QTQuantity Price Break
SCSize Difference
UMUnit of Measure Difference
UPUnit Price
WDWidth Difference
WOWeight Qualifier/Gross Weight per Package
ZZMutually Defined

Appears in

IT3Additional Item Data
PO3Additional Item Detail
Review post

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