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(ASC X12) 393 Amendment Code


Code giving the reasons for the amendment of the manifest record


01Not laden aboard per evidence from foreign shipper, or amended bill of lading
02Error in manifesting, not laden on this carrier. Laden on subsequent carrier for transportation to United States, per evidence in files
03Clerical error in manifesting per bill of lading in files
04Pilfered or prematurely landed prior to arrival in United States per signed statement of master or his agent or vessel log extract in our file
05Erroneously duplicated by another bill of lading on the same manifest
06Prematurely landed or overcarried to another United States port where proper disposition was made per evidence in our files
07Inadvertently retained on board and taken foreign per master’s or his agent’s statement, amended bill of lading, landing certificate, in our files
08Container stripped under Customs supervision; Foreign seals affixed abroad were intact, as per evidence in our files
09Merchandise apparently pilfered on dock while in custody of carrier
10Inadvertently delivered without customs release; Goods will be redelivered intact or duty and taxes will be paid by carrier
11Overage – Omitted from manifest through clerical error
12Overage – Manifested for discharge at another port and inadvertently discharged at this port
13Proper entry filed or place in general order per entry or general order number
14Merchandise inadvertently delivered to consignee without customs release; Merchandise will be redelivered intact or liquidated damages paid
15Merchandise cannot be located and has apparently been lost; Liquidated damages will be paid
16Error in quantity manifested at port of origin; Customs form 5931 will be filed at origin to correct in-bond entry; A copy will be delivered to this port within 90 days or duty and taxes will be paid
17Merchandise removed from original container and re-stuffed prior to moving in-bond

Appears in

M10Manifest Identifying Information
M13Manifest Amendment Details
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