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(ASC X12) 40 Equipment Description Code


Code identifying type of equipment used for shipment


20 20 ft. IL Container (Open Top)
2B 20 ft. IL Container (Closed Top)
2D Control Unit
2E Helper Unit
2F Roadrailer
2G Cut-in Helper
40 40 ft. IL Container (Open Top)
4B 40 ft. IL Container (Closed Top)
AC Closed Container
AF Air Freight (Break Bulk)
AL Container, Aluminum
AP Aircraft
AT Closed Container (Controlled Temperature)
BC Covered Barge
BE Bilevel Railcar Fully Open
BF Bilevel Railcar Fully Enclosed
BG Bogie
BH Bilevel Railcar Screened With Roof
BJ Bilevel Railcar Screened, No Roof
BK Container, Bulk
BO Barge Open
BR Barge
BX Boxcar
CA Caboose
CB Chassis, Gooseneck
CC Container resting on a Chassis
CD Container with Bag Hangers
CG Container, Tank (Gas)
CH Chassis
CI Container, Insulated
CJ Container, Insulated/Ventilated
CK Container, Heated/Insulated/Ventilated
CL Container (Closed Top – Length Unspecified)
CM Container, Open-Sided
CN Container
CP Coil Car Open
CQ Container, Tank (Food Grade-Liquid)
CR Coil-Car Covered
CS Container-Low Side Open Top
CT Container-High Side Open Top
CU Container (Open Top – Length Unspecified)
CV Closed Van
CW Container, Tank (Chemicals)
CX Container, Tank
CZ Refrigerated Container
DD Double-Drop Trailer
DF Container with Flush Doors
DT Drop Back Trailer
DX Boxcar, Damage Free Equipped
ET End of Train Device
FF Frozen Food Trailer
FH Flat Bed Trailer with Headboards
FN Flat Bed Trailer with No Headboards
FP Flatcar With Pedestal
FR Flat Bed Trailer – Removable Sides
FS Container with Floor Securing Rings
FT Flat Bed Trailer
FX Boxcar Cushion Under Frame OF
GS Generator Set
HB Container with Hangar Bars
HC Hopper Car (Covered)
HO Hopper Car (Open)
HP Hopper Car (Covered; Pneumatic Discharge)
HT Head of Train Device
HV High Cube Van
HY Hydrant-Cart
ID Idler Car
IX Boxcar (Insulated)
LO Locomotive
LS Half Height Flat Rack
LU Load/unload Device on Equipment
NX Boxcar (Interior Bulkheads)
OB Ocean Vessel (Break Bulk)
OT Open-top/flatbed trailer
OV Open Top Van
PL Container, Platform
PP Power Pack
PT Protected Trailer
PU Pick-up Truck
RA Fixed-Rack, Flat-Bed Trailer
RC Refrigerated (Reefer) Car
RD Fixed-Rack, Double Drop Trailer
RE Flat Car (End Bulkheads)
RF Flat Car
RG Gondola Covered
RI Gondola Car (Covered – Interior Bulkheads)
RO Gondola Car (Open)
RR Rail Car
RS Fixed-Rack, Single-Drop Trailer
RT Controlled Temperature Trailer (Reefer)
SA Saddle
SC Service Car
SD Single-Drop Trailer
SK Stack Car
SL Container, Steel
SS Container with Smooth Sides
ST Removable Side Trailer
SV Van – Special Inside Length, Width or Height Requirements
TA Trailer, Heated/Insulated/Ventilated
TB Trailer, Boat
TC Trailer, Car
TF Trailer, Dry Freight
TG Trailer, Tank (Gas)
TH Truck, Open Top High Side
TI Trailer, Insulated
TJ Trailer, Tank (Chemicals)
TK Trailer, Tank (Food Grade-Liquid)
TL Trailer (not otherwise specified)
TM Trailer, Insulated/Ventilated
TN Tank Car
TO Truck, Open Top
TP Trailer, Pneumatic
TQ Trailer, Electric Heat
TR Tractor
TT Telescoping Trailer
TU Truck, Open Top Low Side
TV Truck, Van
TW Trailer, Refrigerated
UA Trilevel Railcar 20 Feet
UB Trilevel Railcar Screened, Fully Enclosed
UC Trilevel Railcar Screened, With Roof
UD Trilevel Railcar Screened, No Roof
UE Trilevel Railcar Screened, With Doors, No Roof
UL Unit Load Device (ULD)
UP Container, Upgraded
VA Container, Vented
VE Vessel, Ocean
VL Vessel, Lake
VR Vessel, Ocean, Rollon-Rolloff
VS Vessel, Ocean, Lash
VT Vessel, Ocean, Containership
WR Container with Wavy or Ripple Sides
WY Railroad Maintenance of Way Car

Appears in

AEIEquipment Information Summary
BVABeginning Vehicle Advice
FACFacing Direction
GR4Loading Cluster
IS1Estimated Time of Arrival and Car Scheduling
LETLoad and Equipment Type
MS2Equipment or Container Owner and Type
N5Equipment Ordered
N7Equipment Details
R12Work Order Information
RT1Rate Detail
TD3Carrier Details (Equipment)
TSTariff Section
VEHVehicle Information
VIDConveyance Identification
W2Equipment Identification
W09Equipment and Temperature
W27Carrier Details (Warehouse)
N21Equipment Registration Details
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