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(ASC X12) 441 Tax Exempt Code


Code identifying exemption status from sales and use tax


0 Exempt (For Export)
1 Yes (Tax Exempt)
2 No (Not Tax Exempt)
3 Exempt (For Resale)
4 Not Exempt/For Resale
5 Exempt (Not For Resale)
6 Not Exempt, Not For Resale
7 Direct Pay ID
8 Exempt (Sale to U.S. Government)
9 Exempt (Per State Law)
A Labor Taxable, Material Exempt
B Material Taxable, Labor Exempt
C Not Taxable
D Disabled
E Exempt Toll Service
F Exempt (Goods and Services Tax)
G Exempt (Provincial Sales Tax)
H Homestead
I Agriculture
J Working Farm
K Open Space
L Exempt Local Service
M Disabled Veteran
N Non-Homestead
O Over 65
P Exempt from School Property Tax
Q Exempt from Local Property Tax
R Recurring Exempt
S Exempt from County Property Tax
T Totally Exempt
U Usage Exempt
V Exempt from State Property Tax
W Other Property Tax Exemption
X Exempt – Letter on file

Appears in

G50Purchase Order Identification
G70Line Item Detail – Miscellaneous
PEXProperty or Housing Expense
PTFProperty Transaction Financials
TAXTax Reference
TXITax Information
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