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(ASC X12) 52 Export License Symbol Code


Code which specifies the export symbol marked on a shipment


1G-Dest – Shipments of Commodities to Destination Not Requiring a Validated License
2GLV – Shipments of Limited Value
3GIT – In-transit Shipments
4GUS – Shipments to Personnel and Agencies of the U.S. Government
5GLC – Exports of Commercial Vehicles by Certain Civil Airlines and by Private Common Carrier
6GTF-US – Goods Imported for Display at U.S. Exhibitions or Trade Fairs
7GLR – Return or Replacement of Certain Commodities
8GIFT – Shipment of Gift Parcels
9GATS – Aircraft on Temporary Sojourn
GGeneral Export License Required
VValidated Export License Required
10GMS – Shipments Under the Mutual Security Act
11GTD & GTDR – Technical Data
13General License Non-naval Reserve (G-NNR)
14General License Cooperating Governments (GCG)
15Registered Carrier Stores (RCS)
16General License – Temporary (G-Temp)
17General License Free World (GFW)

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X1Export License
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