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(ASC X12) 522 Amount Qualifier Code


Code to qualify amount


1 Line Item Total
2 Batch Total
3 Deposit Total
4 Lock Box Total
5 Total Invoice Amount
6 Amount Subject to Total Monetary Discount
7 Discount Amount Due
8 Total Monetary Discount Amount
9 Total Operational Statement Amount
A Adjusted Chargeback Claim Amount
B Estimated
C City
D Payor Amount Paid
E Estimated Credit
F Annual Limit
G Collateral
H Bid Amount
I Interest
J Trustee Fees
K Attorney and Trustee Fees
L Local
M Amount Due from Buyer at Appraisal Notice Date
N Net
O Court Cost
P Penalty
Q Amount Owed to Buyer at Appraisal Notice Date
R Spend Down
S Submitted Chargeback Claim Amount
T Tax
U Underpayment
V Cost of Deficiency
W Deficiency Judgment Fees
X Deficiency Judgment Expenses and Fees
Y Current List Price
Z List Price When Sold
01 Fixed Installment Control Accounting Error
02 Graduated Payment Mortgage Adjustment
03 Growing Equity Mortgage Adjustment
04 Adjustable Rate Mortgage Change
05 Fixed Installment Control Substitution Adjustment
06 Interest Adjustment
07 Deferred Graduated Payment Mortgage Interest Paid
08 Interest Accounting Error
09 Principal Accounting Error
0A Interest Substitution Adjustment
0B Principal Substitution Adjustment
0C Prepaid Interest
0D Prepaid Principal
0E Delinquent Interest
0F Delinquent Principal
0G Curtailment Adjustment
0H Serial Note Principal Available for Distribution
0I Servicing Fee
0J Guarantee Fee Adjustment
0K Amount Under-collateralized
0L Amount Over-collateralized
0M Trial Balance Adjustment
0N Custodial Bank Account Adjustment
0P Item
0Q Schedule
0R Regular Plan
0S Previously Billed
0T Currently Due
0U Coverage Premium
10 Shipment Value in U.S. Dollars
11 Liabilities at Bankruptcy
12 Account Average Balance Account
13 Outstanding Balance at Foreclosure
14 Legal Obligation Debt Amount
15 Estimated Closing Cost Amount
16 Discount Fees Paid by Borrower Amount
17 Closing Costs or Concessions Paid by Seller
18 Prepaid Items Amount
19 Federal Housing Administration, Mortgage Insurance Premium Funding Fee Financed Amount
1A Variance
1B Variance Adjustment Cost
1C Variance Adjustment Schedule
1D Escalation
1E Fixed Price
1F Lodging
1G Meals
1H Travel Expense
1J Insurance Expense
1K Union Dues
1L Regular Income
1M Income on Real Property
1N Income from Social Security and/or other Government Assistance
1P Total Monthly Income
1Q Electric and/or Fuel Payment
1R Water and/or Sewer Payment
1S Telephone Payment
1T Maintenance Expense
1U Food Expense
1V Clothing Expense
1W Laundry Expense
1X Medical and/or Dental Expense
1Y Recreation Expenses
1Z Charitable Contributions
20 Federal Housing Administration, Mortgage Insurance Premium or Veteran’s Administration Funding Fee Amount
21 Original Cost of Property Amount
22 Owner’s Estimate of Value Amount
23 Appraised Value Amount
24 Gross Monthly Income Amount
25 Assets at Bankruptcy
26 Negotiated Cost
27 Authorized Unpriced Work
28 Target Price
29 Estimated Price
2A Home Insurance Expense
2B Life Insurance Expense
2C Health Insurance Expense
2D Automobile Insurance Expense
2E Value of Property Claimed as Exempt
2F Automobile Payment
2G Other Type of Installment Payment
2H Operating Expenses
2I Total Projected Monthly Income
2J Total Projected Monthly Expenses
2K Excess Income
2L Value of Personal Property
2M Monthly Overtime
2N Total All Repairs
2P Total Recommended Repairs
2Q State Quarterly Total Gross Wages
2R State Quarterly Unemployment Insurance (UI) Total Wages
2S State Quarterly Unemployment Insurance (UI) Excess Wages
2T State Quarterly Unemployment Insurance (UI) Taxable Wages
2U State Quarterly Disability Insurance Taxable Wages
2V State Quarterly Tip Wages
2W Asset-Long Term
2X Asset-Short Term
2Y Base Coverage
2Z Commission Retained
30 Contract Ceiling
31 Estimated Contract Ceiling
32 Target Fee or Profit Amount
33 Original Contract Target Cost
34 Negotiated Contract Changes
35 Current Target Cost
36 Contract Budget Base (CBB)
37 Current Budgeted Cost for Work Scheduled (BCWS)
38 Current Budgeted Cost for Work Performed (BCWP)
39 Current Actual Cost of Work Performed (ACWP)
3A Accounting
3B Accounts Payable
3C Accounts Receivable
3D Advanced Dividends
3E Advertising Expenses
3F Amortization
3G Amortization Costs
3H Amount of Decree
3I Asset Investment
3J Authorized Capital
3K Available Reserves
3L Bad Debt Allowance
3M Bad Debts
3N Bank Account(s)
3O Long Term Assets
3P Long Term Liabilities
3Q Long Term Tangible Assets
3R Losses on Capital
3S Machines and Tools
3T Member Risk Capital
3U Miscellaneous After Tax Exempt
3V Mortgage
3W Nominal Capital
3X Nominal Damages
3Y Non-operational Fixed Assets
3Z Excess Amount Requested
40 Current Schedule Variance (SV)
41 Current Cost Variance (CV)
42 Cumulative Budgeted Cost for Work Scheduled (BCWS)
43 Cumulative Budgeted Cost for Work Performed (BCWP)
44 Cumulative Actual Cost of Work Performed (ACWP)
45 Cumulative Schedule Variance (SV)
46 Cumulative Cost Variance (CV)
47 Reprogram Cost Variance
48 Reprogram Budget
49 At Complete Budget (BAC)
4A Nonissued Capital
4B Notes Payable
4C Notes Receivable
4D Bank Debentures
4E Bank Obligations
4F Buildings
4G Buildings Under Construction
4H Capital
4I Capital Associated with Principal
4J Capital of Other Subsidiaries
4K Capital Stock
4L Cash
4M Capital Subsidies Received
4N Commercial Debt
4O Commercial Expenses
4P Common Stock
4Q Consequential Damages
4R Compensatory Damages
4S Convertible Debentures
4T Cost of Goods Sold
4U Cost of Sales
4V Cost(s)
4W Current Assets
4X Current Liabilities
4Y Damages
4Z Deferred Cost
50 At Complete Latest Revised Estimate (LRE)
51 At Complete Variance
52 Total Allocated Budget
53 Difference (Contract Budget Base – Total Allocated Budget)
54 Forecast
55 At Complete Forecast
56 Current Cost Performance Index (CPIe) – Efficiency (BCWP/ACWP)
57 Current Cost Performance Index (CPIp) – Planned (ACWP/BCWP)
58 Current Schedule Performance Index (SPI)
59 Cumulative Cost Performance Index (CPIe) – Efficiency (BCWP/ACWP)
5A Deferred Credit or Income
5B Deferred Taxation
5C Deposits
5D Depreciation
5E Depreciation of Fixed Assets
5F Depreciation of Revaluation of Fixed Assets
5G Director’s Remuneration
5H Dividends
5I Doubtful Receivables
5J Equipment
5K Equipment Subsidies
5L Equities, Stocks
5M Equity
5N Exceptional Item
5O Exports
5P External Charge
5Q Extraordinary Charge
5R Extraordinary Current Asset Write Downs
5S Extraordinary Result
5T Financial Assets
5U Financial Charges
5V Financial Debt
5W Financial Expenses
5X Financial Income
5Y Finished Goods
5Z Fixed Asset Debts
60 Cumulative Cost Performance Index (CPIp) – Planned (ACWP/BCWP)
61 Cumulative Schedule Performance Index (SPI)
62 To Complete Performance Index (TCPI) for Budget at Complete (BAC)
63 To Complete Performance Index (TCPI) for Estimate At Complete (EAC)
64 Initial Contract Price Target
65 Initial Contract Price Ceiling
66 Adjusted Contract Price Target
67 Adjusted Contract Price Ceiling
68 Funds Authorized to Date
69 Accrued Expenditures
6A Fixed Assets
6B Fixed Assets for Sale
6C Fixtures
6D Fixtures and Equipment
6E Franchise
6F Franchise Tax Balance
6G Franchise Tax Paid
6H Free Reserves
6I Furniture
6J Future Loan
6K General Accounts
6L General Expenses
6M Goodwill
6N Grants for Operating Costs
6O Group Related Financial Income
6P Income Stated in Advance
6Q Income Tax
6R Income Tax, Corporate
6S Income Tax, Noncorporate
6T Injunction
6U Intangible Depreciation
6V Intangibles
6W Interest of Third Party
6X Interest on Loans
6Y Operating Income (Loss)
6Z Optional Reserves
70 Open Commitments
71 Forecast of Billings
72 Estimated Termination Costs
73 Accrued Expenditures plus Open Commitments
74 Contract Work Authorized – Definitized
75 Contract Work Authorized – Not Definitized
76 Contract Work Authorized – Total
77 Forecast of Work – Not Yet Authorized
78 Forecast of Work – All Other
79 Forecast of Work – Total
7A Organizational Expenses
7B Outside Share in Profit or Loss
7C Outstanding Debts against Board of Directors/Managers
7D Owing
7E Owing from Affiliates
7F Owing from Participants
7G Owing to Affiliates
7H Owing to Fiscal Office
7I Owing to National Social Security Office
7J Owing to Participants
7K Own Work Capitalized
7L Paid in Capital
7M Par Value
7N Participating Interest
7O Patents
7P Pension Debts
7Q Pensions Provision
7R Preferred Stock
7S Prepaid Orders in Progress
7T Prior Results Carried Forward
7U Profit or Loss
7V Profit or Loss after Taxes
7W Profit or Loss before Taxes
7X Profit or Loss on Ordinary Activities after Tax
7Y Progress Payments
7Z Proposed Dividend
80 Funding – Total Requirements
81 Funds Carryover
82 Net Funds Required
83 Contract Work Authorized (with fee/profit) Actual or Projected
84 Contract Work Authorized (with fee/profit) Actual or Projected – At Complete
85 Best Case Estimate
86 Worst Case Estimate
87 Most Likely Estimate
88 “As Is” Appraisal Amount
89 “Subject To” Appraisal Amount
8A Provision for Depreciation of Stock or Inventory
8B Provision for Future Purchases
8C Provision for Risks
8D Punitive Damages
8E Purchase Price
8F Purchases
8G Raw Materials
8H Real Estate
8I Receivables
8J Regularization Account
8K Research and Development
8L Restructuring Costs
8M Result
8N Retained Earnings
😯 Revenues
8P Sales
8Q Sales and Use Tax
8R Savings
8S Secured Liability
8T Secured Loans
8U Selling Expenses
8V Services
8W Share Capital
8X Share in Profit or Loss of Minority Interest
8Y Share Premium Capital
8Z Shares in Affiliated Companies
90 “Completion Per Plans” Appraisal Amount
91 Site Value Amount
92 Compensation
93 Contribution
94 Death Benefit
95 Death Benefit Decrement
96 Employee Account Balance
97 Loan Repayment
98 Prior W2
99 Single Premium
9A Social Charges
9B Social Security (FICA)
9C Special Reserves
9D Specially Secured Creditors
9E Specific Performance
9F Starting Capital
9G Statutory Reserves
9H Subscribed Capital
9I Suit Amount
9J Supplies
9K Surplus of Revaluation
9L Tangible Net Worth
9M Tax Adjustments
9N Tax Balance
9O Tax Capital Amount
9P Tax on Extraordinary Items
9Q Tax Recoverable
9R Taxed Reserves
9S Trade Creditors
9T Inventory (Stock)
9U Inventory (Stock) Depreciation
9V Inventory (Stock) Purchases
9W Investment in Own Shares
9X Investments
9Y Issued Capital
9Z Labor Costs
A0 Assistantship from Admitting Educational Institution
A1 Average Negative Ledger Balance
A2 Average Positive Collected Balance
A3 Average Negative Collected Balance
A4 Average Positive Ledger Balance
A5 Disallowed – Estimated
A6 Disallowed – Actual
A7 Noncovered Charges – Estimated
A8 Noncovered Charges – Actual
A9 Allowed – Estimated
AA Allocated
AB Adjusted Collected Balance
AC Average Collected Balance
AD Adjusted Total
AE Arrearage
AF Average Float
AG Adjusted Gross Income
AH Loan Balance Difference
AI Sale Amount
AJ Funds Held by Mortgagee
AK Attorney Fees
AL Average Ledger Balance
AM Amount Financed
AN Bankruptcy Fee
AO Amount Override
AP Amount Prior to Fractionalization
AQ Average Price Per Call
AR Fees to Public Officials for Foreclosure
AS Average Price Per Minute
AT Total Received
AU Coverage Amount
AV Actual Cash Value
AW Replacement Cost
AX Previous Price
AY Title Cost
AZ Other Foreclosure and Acquisition Expenses
B0 Bond
B1 Benefit Amount
B2 Bonuses and Commissions Divided Over 12 Months
B3 Bonuses Divided Over 12 Months
B4 Bonuses and Commissions
B5 Budgeted
B6 Allowed – Actual
B7 Deductible – Estimated
B8 Co-insurance – Estimated
B9 Co-insurance – Actual
BA Bargain
BB Mortgage Insurance Premiums
BC Billing Cycle Net Fee Position (Excess/Deficit)
BD Balance Due
BE Disbursements for Authorized Repair
BF Hazard Insurance Premium
BG Eviction Attorney Fees
BH Eviction Expenses
BI Property Taxes
BJ Disbursements Not Shown Elsewhere
BK Disbursements for Protection and Preservation
BL Disbursements for Inspections and Boarding
BM Adjustments
BN Rental Income
BO Rental Expense
BP Average Net Collected Balance
BQ Bail
BR Adjusted Insured Loss Amount
BS Mortgage Note Interest
BT Bank Reject Total
BU Overhead Costs
BV Uncollected Interest
BW Amount Due from Buyer at Closing
BX Amount Owed to Buyer at Closing
BY Additional Closing Expenses
BZ Deficiency Judgment Expenses
C0 Current Expenditures
C1 Co-Payment Amount
C2 Child Rider Coverage
C3 Prior Payment – Estimated
C4 Prior Payment – Actual
C5 Claim Amount Due – Estimated
C6 Claim Amount Due – Actual
C7 Payor Responsibility – Estimated
C8 Payor Responsibility – Actual
C9 Disallowed Cost Containment – Actual
CA Contractor Cumulative to Date
CB Collected Balance Required
CC Chargeback Claim Amount
CD Overpaid Section 235 Subsidy
CE Summary Amount
CF Appraisal Fees
CG Commission Fees Deducted
CH Change Amount
CI Funds Held for Insured
CJ Other Deductions
CK Back End Load
CL Outstanding Balance Current Lender
CM Claimant Requested Total
CN Special Assessments
CO Taxes on Deed
CP Statutory Disbursements
CQ Net Claim Amount
CR Contractor at Complete
CS Commission Sales
CT Contract
CU Subcontractor Cumulative to Date
CV Subcontractor at Complete
CW Earned Value
CX Actual
CY Cumulative Budget
CZ Cumulative Earned Value
D0 Administration and Management Costs
D1 Deferred Compensation Commissions
D2 Deductible Amount
D3 Deferred Compensation Commissions and Bonuses
D4 Deferred Compensation
D5 Dependent Care Contribution
D6 Disallowed Cost Containment – Estimated
D7 Dispensing Fee
D8 Discount Amount
D9 Cumulative Actual
DA Original Mortgage
DB Unapplied Section 235 Funds
DC Unapplied Buydown Fund
DD Direct Deposit
DE Estimate of Damage
DF Authorized Bid
DG Escrow Balance
DH Total Disbursements
DI Charge Off
DJ Liens Amount Original
DK Release of Lien
DL Debit
DM Asset
DN Liability
DO Satisfaction
DP Exemption
DQ Settlement
DR Alimony Expense
DS Alimony Income
DT Child Support Expense
DU Child Support Income
DV Separate Maintenance Expense
DW Separate Maintenance Income
DX Deductible Waived
DY Per Day Limit
DZ Job-related Expense
E0 Administration and Management Indemnity Charge
E1 Employer Year to Date Contribution
E2 Employee Annual Pledge Amount
E3 Employee Current Contribution
E4 Employer Pledge Amount
E5 Employer Current Contribution
E6 Eligible Wage Amount
E7 Employee Year to Date Contribution
E8 Education Contribution
E9 Initial Fee
EA Earnings Allowance
EB Collected Balance (Excess/Deficit)
EC Allowance (Excess/Deficit)
ED Estimated Cost of Attendance
EE Other Expense
EF Estimated Financial Aid
EG Other Income
EH Amount of Mortgages and Liens
EI Mortgage Payment(s)
EJ Insurance, Maintenance, Taxes and Miscellaneous
EK Net Rental Income
EL Present Market Value
EM Gross Rental Income
EN Cancellation Fee
EO Capital Reserves
EP Employer Annual Pledge Amount
EQ Condominium Association Fees
ER Homeowner Association Fees
ES Mortgage Insurance Proceeds
ET Net Proceeds from Sale of Real Estate Property
EU Insurance Proceeds (Primary Settlement)
EV Presale Proceeds
EW Pledged Savings
EX As Is Broker’s Opinion
EY Subject To Broker’s Opinion
EZ Uniform Commercial Code Filing Office Fee
F0 Commercial Staff Labor Costs
F1 Maximum Allowable Cost (MAC) Penalty Copay
F2 Patient Responsibility – Actual
F3 Patient Responsibility – Estimated
F4 Postage Claimed
F5 Patient Amount Paid
F6 Provider Reserves
F7 Sales Tax
F8 Usual and Customary Charge – Estimated
F9 Usual and Customary – Actual
FA Coordination Fee
FB Calculation Fee
FC Expected Family Contribution
FD Direct Deposit Flipped to Check
FE Fee
FF Application Fee
FG Licensing Fee
FH Regulatory Fee
FI First Interest Payment Amount
FJ Waiver Fee
FK Other Unlisted Amount
FL Float
FM Fair Market Value
FN Fine
FO Fees Paid
FP Fees Paid Year to Date
FQ Firm Contractor Share
FR Estimated Government Share
FS Expense
FT Endorsement Premium Amount
FU Commercial Staff Indemnity Charge
FV Flat Fee Paid to Date
FW Flat Fee Paid Current Month
FX Endorsement
FY First Payment
FZ Earned Income
G0 Initial Adjustment Total
G1 Indicated Value by Sales Comparison Approach
G2 Indicated Value by Income Approach
G3 Price per Unit Area
G4 Reconciliation of Final Value Estimate
G5 Estimated Monthly Market Rent
G6 Adjusted Sales Price
G7 Sales or Financing Concessions
G8 Indicated Value by Cost Approach
G9 As-is Value of Site Improvements
GA Depreciated Value of Improvements
GB Price, High Value
GC Price, Low Value
GD Physical Depreciation
GE Functional Depreciation
GF External Depreciation
GG Adjusted Sales Price of Comparable Sales
GH Predominate Value
GI Average Customer Income
GJ Average Neighborhood Income
GK Average Customer Purchase
GL Weekly Dollar Sales
GM Average Case Sales
GN Buy-down
GO Credit Line
GP Appraisal Repair Amount
GQ Brokers Opinion Repair Amount
GR Credit Line Available
GS Subsequent Adjustments Total
GT Goods and Services Tax
GU Taxes Paid
GV Gross Value
GW Total Charge
GX Total Credit
GY Total Debit
GZ Total Finance Charge
H0 Host Government (government of the institution) Financing for Education
H1 Legal Reserves
H2 Cancellation
H3 Deposit Inception to Date
H4 Deposit Year to Date
H5 Dump in Remittance
H6 Earnings
H7 Life Insurance Cash Value
H8 Structure Value
H9 Original List Price
HA Coin
HB Currency
HC U.S. Treasury Checks
HD Postal Money Orders
HE City Checks
HF Other Checks
HG Home Government Financing for Education
HH Annual Social Security Wages
HI Annual Social Security Tips
HJ Annual Wages, Tips, and Other Compensation
HK Social Security Employee Tax Withheld
HL Federal Income Tax Withheld
HM Advance Earned Income Credit
HN Commission
HO Vacation Pay
HP Gross Pay Submitted
HQ Intersell Commission Sales
HR Total Payroll Approved
HS Holiday Pay
HT Overtime Pay
HU Regular Pay
HV Sick Pay
HW Special Pay
HX Contract Price
HY Commercial Space Income
HZ Utilities Paid by Owner
I0 Life Insurance Coverage
I1 Investment Income
I2 Income
I3 Price, Gross Living Area
I4 Total Estimated Rent
I5 Gross Annual Income
I6 Custodian’s Salary
I7 Engineer’s Salary
I8 Elevator Operator’s Salary
I9 Indicated Value by Market Approach Estimate of Market Value
IA Adjusted Monthly Rent
IB Investable Balance
IC Accrued Unpaid Interest To Be Capitalized
ID Import Duty Amount
IE Excise Tax Amount
IF Inspection Fee
IG Adjustment for Gross Living Area
IH Predominant Price High
II Irregular Interest Payment Amount
IJ Net Adjusted Monthly Rent
IK Indicated Monthly Market Rent
IL Predominant Price Low
IM Adjustment for Rooms
IN Installment
IO Adjustment for Bedrooms
IP Interest Payable During Repayment Period
IQ Contingent Debt
IR Insurance Recovery
IS Independent Scholarship
IT Incentive Fee
IU Accrued Unpaid Interest Not To Be Capitalized
IV Utilities Allowance
IW Furniture Allowance
IX Indicated Value by Cost Approach
IY Debentures
IZ Account High Balance
J0 Limited Partnership Capital
J1 Current Face Amount
J2 Original Face Amount
J3 Fixed Default Note Holder’s Amount
J4 Initial Monthly Payment
J5 Original Principal and Interest Payment
J6 Final Principal and Interest Payment
J7 Conversion Fee
J8 Ending Balance
J9 Beginning Balance
JA Assessment
JB Equity Claimed as Exempt
JC Counter Claim
JD Weekly Benefit
JE Lease
JF Administrative Load
JG Asset Cost Applicable to Entire Contract
JH Asset Cost Applicable to Portion of Contract
JI Annual Fee
JJ Cost Basis
JK Disability Premium
JL Employee Additional Contribution
JM Employee Match Contribution
JN Employer Contribution
JO Free Look Value
JP Free Withdrawal Value
JQ Front End Load
JR Guaranteed Minimum Death Benefit
JS Interim Value
JT Monthly Rent
JU Judgment
JV Loan Value
JW Market Value
JX Market Value Adjusted Value
JY Market Value Adjustment
JZ Net Contract Value
K0 Discounted Bills not Due
K1 Unpaid Security Balance
K2 Total Unpaid Security Balance
K3 Veterans Affairs Funding Fee
K4 Initial Target Fee
K5 Minimum Fee
K6 Maximum Fee
K7 Price
K8 Special Accounting Classification Reference Number (ACRN)Amount
K9 New Price
KA Estimated Contract
KB Estimated Net Adjustment
KC Obligated
KD Undefinitized
KE Annual Revenue
KF Net Paid Amount
KG Net Collected Amount
KH Deduction Amount
KI Net Variance Amount
KJ Minimum Contract Amount
KK Item Gross Amount
KL Collected Amount
KM Disbursed Amount
KN Gross Amount of Payment
KO Committed Amount
KP Principal and Interest
KQ Incremental Order Amount
KR Liability-Long Term
KS Taxes and Insurance
KT Default Principal
KU Default Interest
KV Liability-Short Term
KW Default Taxes and Insurance
KX Miscellaneous Fee Collections
KY Not-To-Exceed Price
KZ Mortgagor’s Monthly Obligations
L0 Liquid Assets
L1 Legal Contribution
L2 Leasehold Insurance Amount
L3 Total Unidentified Payments Rejected
L4 Total Credits Received
L5 Total Debits Received
L6 Total Pre-advices Received
L7 Total Prenotes Received
L8 Total Post-advices Received
L9 Total Debit for Settlement
LA Definitized
LB Definitized Total
LC Lessor’s Cost
LD Incremental
LE Loan Eligibility Amount
LF Loan Remittance or Repayment
LG Laundry Income
LH Baseline
LI Line Item Unit Price
LJ Legal and Audit
LK Loan Amount Requested
LL Lump Sum
LM Limit
LN Lien Payoff
LO Money Purchase
LP List Price
LQ Maximum Potential Liability
LR Total Credit for Settlement
LS Net Settlement
LT Total Award
LU Option Amount
LV Planned Periodic Payment
LW Tax and Insurance Escrow Fund Balance
LX Loan Expense
LY Total Remaining Principal Balance for the Issuer
LZ Delinquent Payment
M0 Loans from Officers
M1 Maximum Out of Pocket Amount
M2 Medical Contribution
M3 Tax rate expressed as a flat fee
M4 Minimum amount of tax to be paid
M5 Minimum amount to which tax rate is applied
M6 Maximum amount of tax to be paid
M7 Maximum amount to which tax rate is applied
M8 Markup Amount
M9 Net of Surrender Withdrawal
MA Maximum Amount
MB Undistributed Budget
MC Cost of Money
MD Minimum Due
ME Minimum Default Note Holder’s Cost
MF Administrative Fees
MG Maximum Late Charge
MH Minimum Late Charge
MI Minimum Incentive Fee
MJ Maximum Default Note Holder’s Cost
MK Gross to Pay
ML Prior Net Invoice Total
MM Payout
MN Monthly Limit
MO Minimum Order Value
MP Monthly Payment Amount
MQ Post Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act (TEFRA) Cost Basis
MR Management Reserve
MS Past-Due Taxes and Assessment Remaining Unpaid
MT Pre Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act (TEFRA) Cost Basis
MU Premium Tax Paid on Surrender
MV Premium Tax Paid up Front
MW Sales Loads
MX Maximum Incentive Fee
MY Surrender Value
MZ Valuation Price
N0 Loans or Financial Borrowings
N1 Net Worth
N2 Individual Income Taxes and Other
N3 Corporate Income and Excess Profits Tax
N4 Excise Taxes
N5 Estate and Gift Taxes
N6 Carrier Tax Act Taxes
N7 Federal Unemployment Tax Act Taxes
N8 Miscellaneous Taxes
N9 Withheld and Federal Insurance Contribution Act (FICA) Taxes
NA Net Adjustment
NB Net Compensation Position
NC Negative Collected Balance
ND Per Person Monthly Limit
NE Net Billed
NF Monthly Net Fee Position (Excess/Deficit)
NG Medicare Copayment
NH Medicare Deductible
NI Medicare Paid
NJ Other Insurance Paid Amount
NK Total in Force and Applied Coverage
NL Negative Ledger Balance
NM Non-collateralized Amount
NN Transaction Fee
NO Non Commission Sales
NP Net to Pay Total
NQ Adjusted Nonrecurring
NR Nonrecurring
NS Net Savings Amount
NT Unit Value
NU Reinsurance Amount
NV Renewal Amount
NW Retention Per Life
NX Retention Per Policy
NY Net Year to Date (Excess/Deficit)
NZ Equalization Account
O0 Extraordinary Income
O1 Amount of First Mortgage Being Refinanced
O2 Other Family Financing for Education
O3 Intangible Assets Written Off
O4 Interest Payable
O5 Interest Receivable
O6 Joint Venture Results
O7 Long Term Debt
O8 Long Term Provisions
O9 Loss
OA Principal Balance Amount
OB Outstanding Loan Balance
OC Opening Bank Charges
OD Draft Amount
OE Miscellaneous Charges
OF Contractor’s Offer
OG Cable Charge
OH Handling Charges
OI Non-commission Charges
OJ Merchandise
OK Letter of Credit Amount
OL Outstanding Balance Other Lender
OM Other Monthly Income
ON Negotiating Bank Charges
OO Overdrafts
OP Original Payment Total
OQ Payroll Costs
OR Letter of Credit Remaining Amount
OS Other Salaries
OT Commission Amendment Charges
OU Profit
OV Profit and Loss Deficit
OW Profit after Extraordinary Items and before Tax
OX Profit after Tax and Before Extraordinary Items
OY Payment Commission
OZ Profit Distributed to Employees
P0 Parental Financing for Education
P1 Partner’s Calendar Year Salary
P2 Prior Plan Year Gross Salary
P3 Premium Amount
P4 Prior Year’s Wage
P5 Partner’s Tax Year Salary
P6 Premium Due
P7 Partner’s K1 Tax Year Amount
P8 Partner’s K1 Calendar Year Amount
P9 Current Mortgage Principal Balance
PA Payment Cancellation Total
PB Billed Amount
PC Positive Collected Balance
PD Credit
PE Plan Period Election
PF Principal
PG Payoff
PH Per Occurrence Deductible
PI Per Occurrence Monthly Limit
PJ Past Due
PK Photograph Fee
PL Positive Ledger Balance
PM Last Premium Amount
PN Prior Gross Invoice Total
PO Percent Override
PP Payment Prior to Advance
PQ Advance Amount
PR Per Occurrence Limit
PS Per Occurrence per Day Limit
PT Per Occurrence Aggregate Limit
PU Unsecured Priority Claim
PV Prepetition Charges
PW Per Occurrence Maximum per Week Limit
PX Per Person Maximum per Week Limit
PY Per Person per Day Limit
PZ Original Principal Balance
Q0 Loans to Affiliated Companies
Q1 Proposed
Q2 1035 Exchange
Q3 401K Transfer
Q4 Total Prenotes Accepted
Q5 Total Prenotes Rejected
Q6 Automatic Premium Deduction
Q7 Total Post-advices Accepted
Q8 Total Post-advices Rejected
Q9 Cash With Application
QA Combined
QB Credit Card
QC Deposit Fund
QD Direct Billing
QE Disc Premium
QF Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
QG Government Allotment
QH Initial Premium
QI Individual Retirement Account 60 Day Rollover
QJ Individual Retirement Account Direct Transfer
QK Individual Retirement Account Regular Contribution
QL Keogh/HR 10
QM Keogh/HR 10 Transfer
QN Quarterly Net Fee Position (Excess/Deficit)
QO List Billing
QP Modal Premium
QQ Payroll Taxes
QR Parking Income
QS Non-Qualified (1035 Exchange)
QT PAC – Pre-Authorized Check
QU Payroll Deduction
QV Pension
QW Premium Received With Application
QX Profit Sharing Trust
QY Qualified
QZ Payment Amount
R0 Loans to Participants
R1 Fixed, Liquidated Secured Debt
R2 Contingent Secured Debt
R3 Disputed Secured Debt
R4 Unliquidated Secured Debt
R5 Fixed, Liquidated Unsecured Debt
R6 Contingent Unsecured Debt
R7 Disputed Unsecured Debt
R8 Unliquidated Unsecured Debt
R9 At Time of Filing
RA Accelerated Royalty
RB Per Person Deductible
RC Refund Check
RD Per Person Limit
RE Royalty Due
RF Restitution
RG Budgeted Redemption
RH Per Person Aggregate Limit
RI Residual Value
RJ Rate Amount
RK Provision for Long Term Depreciation
RL Regular Remittance
RM Remittance Refund
RN Resident Manager’s Salary
RO Provisions
RP Repair
RQ Recommended Amount
RR Reserve Requirement Amount
RS Reserves
RT Last Payment
RU Total Debits Rejected
RV Total Payments Rejected
RW Total Delinquency
RX Total Pre-advices Accepted
RY Total Pre-advices Rejected
RZ Lender’s Total Delinquency
S0 Self-Financing for Education
S1 Salary Amount
S2 Salary with Bonuses
S3 Salary with Commissions
S4 Salary with Subchapter S Corporation Income
S5 Salary with Partner’s Bonuses
S6 Subchapter S Corporation
S7 Sole Proprietorship
S8 Period Rental
S9 Secured Claim Allowed
SA Campaign Summary Amount
SB Stated Amount
SC Total Service Charge
SD Sales Charge
SE Service Charges Which Cannot Be Compensated by Balances
SF Scholarship from Admitting Educational Institution
SG Sponsor-Financing for Education
SH Surrender Charge
SI Subsequent Interest Payment Amount
SJ Surrender Full
SK Surrender Partial
SL Security Personnel’s Salary
SM Supplemental
SN Sales Administration Expense
SO Special Creditors Amount
SP Sales Price
SQ Special Debtors Amount
SR Secured Claim
SS Campaign Summary Amount to be Shared
ST State
SU Surcharge
SV Fixed Monthly Principal Payment
SW Base Award Fee
SX Severance Tax
SY Initial Buydown Balance
SZ Certification Fee
T0 Third-Party Government-Financing for Education
T1 Teacher
T2 Total Claim Before Taxes
T3 Total Submitted Charges
T4 Total Current Balance
T5 Total Claims
T6 Claim
T7 Total Credits Accepted
T8 Total Credits Rejected
T9 Total Debits Accepted
TA Total Annual Sales
TB Total Annual Sales to Customer
TC Proposed Cost
TD Proposed Profit
TE Proposed Fee
TF Total Proposed Price
TG Alternate Proposed Price
TH Total Claim Allowed
TI Title Insurance Amount on Loan
TJ Time and Expense Paid to Date
TK Total Amount of Contract
TL Total Prior Loan Amount Owed
TM Time and Expense Paid Current Month
TN Tax Sheltered Annuity (403B Transfer)
TO Telephone Operator’s Salary
TP Total payment amount
TQ Subsidies for Operating Costs
TR Target Cost
TS Total Sales
TT Total Transaction Amount
TU Transportation Cost per Unit of Measure
TW Technicians Indemnity Provision
TX Total to Date
TY Total at Complete
TZ Transportation Cost Total
U0 U.S. Government-Financing for Education
U1 Unsecured, Priority Claim Allowed
U2 Ingredient Cost Claimed
U3 Miscellaneous Expenses
U4 Present Value of Lot
U5 Cost of Improvements
U6 Alterations, Improvements, Repairs
U7 Land
U8 Refinance
U9 Estimated Prepaid Items
UA Unliquidated Amount
UB Unpaid Principal Balance
UC Unspecified Aggregate Limit
UD Unsecured, Nonpriority Claim Allowed
UE Mortgage Insurance
UF Discount (If Borrower Paid)
UG Total Unpaid Principal Balance for Stafford Loans
UH Subordinate Financing
UI Total Costs
UJ Other Credits
UK Base Loan Amount (w/o financed Mortgage Insurance)
UL Mortgage Insurance Financed
UM Total Loan Amount
UN Unsecured, Nonpriority Claim
UO Cash from or to Borrower
UP Total Unpaid Principal Balance for Parental Loans for Students
UQ Monthly Income
UR Unearned Income
US Total Unpaid Principal Balance for Supplemental Loans for Students
UT Value Added Sales
UU Clearing House Settlement
UV Drawback
UW Total Monthly Liabilities
UX Utilities, Furniture, and Amenities Included in Rent
UY Total Assets
UZ Total Liquid Assets
V0 Value Added
V1 Tax and Insurance Escrow Fund
V2 Interest Due to Investor
V3 Total Principal Due to the Investor
V4 Total Interest Due to the Investor
V5 Total Curtailment Due to the Investor
V6 Total Principal Payoff and Repurchase Due to the Investor
V7 Total Interest Payoff and Repurchase Due to the Investor
V8 Actual Outstanding Principal Balance
V9 Face Amount
VA Total Current Rent or Mortgage Payment (Issue)
VB Total Non-liquid Assets
VC Authorized
VD Actual Person Day Rate
VE Estimated Person Day Rate
VF Total Monthly Expenses
VG Current Monthly Principal and Interest
VH Levy Amount
VI Current Support
VJ Past Due Support
VK Medical Support
VL Net Negative Amortization Amount
VM Withhold From Wages
VN Commission Basis
VO Commission Earned
VP Current Monthly Payment
VQ Commission Netted
VR Total Monthly Debt
VS Other Financing Payment
VT Current Value
VU Closing Cost
VV Capitalized Mortgage Amount
VW First Mortgage Monthly Principal and Interest
VX Interest Amount Paid to Date
VY Minimum Transfer
VZ Maximum Transfer
W0 Trade Debtors
W1 W-2
W2 W-2 with Bonuses
W3 W-2 with Deferred Compensation
W4 W-2 without Bonuses
W5 Deposit Sub Total
W6 Direct Rollover
W7 Direct Transfer
W8 Discounted
W9 Secondary Finance
WA Minimum Deposit
WB Sub-Agency Compensation
WC Buyers Agency Compensation
WD Variable Rate Compensation
WE Compensation Bonus on Sale of Property
WF Veterans Affairs Loan Guarantee
WG Security Trade Amount
WH Balance Owing All Other Liens, Subject Property
WI Other Financing
WJ Dual Agency Compensation
WK Per Week Limit
WL Lender’s Opinion of Value
WM Total Original Principal Balance
WN Other Agent Compensation
WO Dock Usage Fee
WP Pool Usage Fee
WQ Clubhouse Fee
WR Optional Service Fee
WS Other Association Fees
WT Principal, Interest, Taxes
WU Principal, Interest, Taxes and Insurance
WV Total Points Paid at Closing
WW Amount that Would Have Been Paid in the Absence of Capitation
WX Points Paid by Seller
WY Loan Withdrawal
WZ Severance Pay
X0 Treble Damages
X1 Transfer to Untaxed Reserves
X2 Reissued
X3 Rollover Amount
X4 Annual Rental
X5 Gross Monthly Rent
X6 SEP – Self Employee Pension
X7 Single Premium
X8 Funding Amount
X9 Tax Sheltered Annuity (403B Transfer)
XA Maximum Award Fee
XB Maturity Value
XC Earned Wages
XD Base Period Wage
XE Withdrawal
XF Withdrawal Inception to Date
XG Withdrawal Less Market Value Adjustment
XH Withdrawal Less Surrender
XI Withdrawal Less Taxes
XJ Withdrawal Year to Date
XK Unavailable Reserves
XL Uncalled Capital
XM Unemployment Contribution
XN Unlimited Capital, Minimum Fixed
XO Unpaid Capital
XP Unsecured Liabilities
XQ Value Added Tax
XR Value of Shares
XS Vehicles
XT Voluntary Reserves
XU Wages
XV Withholding
XW Original Value
XX Working Capital
XY Sales Price Per Dwelling Unit
XZ Sales Price Per Room
Y1 Year to Date Eligible Salary
Y2 Total Real Estate Owned
Y3 Total Liabilities
Y4 Total Liability Monthly Payments
Y5 Total Real Estate Owned Market Value
Y6 Total Real Estate Owned Gross Rental Income
Y7 Total Real Estate Owned Mortgages and Liens
Y8 Total Real Estate Owned Mortgage Payments
Y9 Total Real Estate Owned Miscellaneous Expenses
YA Total Real Estate Owned Net Rental Income
YB Actual Unpaid Principal Balance
YC Scheduled Unpaid Principal Balance
YD Principal Due to Investor
YE Constant Principal and Interest
YF Other Fee Collection
YG Beginning Scheduled Unpaid Principal Balance
YH Tax and Insurance Principal Balance
YI New Principal and Interest
YJ Curtailment
YK Prepayment Penalty
YL Partial Annuitization
YM Partial Withdrawal
YN Post Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act (TEFRA) Gain
YO Pre Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act (TEFRA) Gain
YQ Payments in Advance
YR Payments in Arrears
YS Cancelled
YT Denied
YU In Process
YV Requested
YW Paid
YX Paid for This Facility
YY Returned
YZ Total Aggregate Limit
Z0 Insertion Cost
Z1 Repackaging Labor Cost
Z2 Repackaging Material Cost
Z3 Unit Cost of Discrepant Material
Z4 Liquidation Principal
Z5 Remaining Pool Balance
Z6 Remaining Security Balance
Z7 Program Cost
Z8 Override to Handling Fee
Z9 Production Cost
ZA Federal Medicare or Medicaid Claim Mandate – Category 1
ZB Federal Medicare or Medicaid Claim Mandate – Category 2
ZC Federal Medicare or Medicaid Claim Mandate – Category 3
ZD Federal Medicare or Medicaid Claim Mandate – Category 4
ZE Federal Medicare or Medicaid Claim Mandate – Category 5
ZF Federal Pension Mandate – Category 1
ZG Federal Pension Mandate – Category 2
ZH Federal Pension Mandate – Category 3
ZI Federal Pension Mandate – Category 4
ZJ Federal Pension Mandate – Category 5
ZK Federal Medicare or Medicaid Payment Mandate – Category 1
ZL Federal Medicare or Medicaid Payment Mandate – Category 2
ZM Federal Medicare or Medicaid Payment Mandate – Category 3
ZN Federal Medicare or Medicaid Payment Mandate – Category 4
ZO Federal Medicare or Medicaid Payment Mandate – Category 5
ZP Coupon Face Value
ZQ Initial Target Cost
ZR Increase
ZS Decrease
ZT Prorated Amount
ZU Loan Charge
ZV Mortgage Recording Fee
ZW Deed Recording Fee
ZX Release Recording Fee
ZY Assumption
ZZ Mutually Defined
AAATemporary Term Coverage
AABConditional Receipt Coverage
AACBinding Interim Coverage
AADApplication Amount
AAEApproved Amount
AAFUltimate Face Amount
AAGRequested Amount from All Reinsurers
AAHReplacement Amount
AAIScheduled Contribution
AAJScheduled Disbursement
AAKShort Term Investment
AALSubsequent Contribution
AAMSubsequent Distribution
AAQTrust Fund
AARCapital Leases
AATRestated Assets
AAUOwing to Clients
AAVShareholder Loans
AAWAccumulated Deficit
AAXLoan from Parent Company
AAYContribution Not Subject to Repayment
AAZIncome Before Depreciation
ABAIncome After Depreciation
ABBProfit (Loss) Before Financial Items
ABCInterest Expenses
ABDProfit (Loss) Before Extraordinary Items
ABEProfit (Loss) After Financial Items
ABFIncome Before Allocations
ABGIncome from Sale of Fixed Assets
ABHContribution to Group
ABIDeferred Tax Assets
ABJBlocked Accounts
ABKNon-taxed Reserves
ABLPledged Assets
ABMRestricted Equity
ABNNon-restricted Equity
ABODepreciable Assets
ABPTaxable Assets
ABQIncome from Business
ABRIncome Subject to Taxes
ABSTaxable Amount of Real Estate
ABTEnding Principal Balance
ABUAverage Daily Principal Balance
ABVInterest Amount
ABWAdjustments for Difference in Average Daily Principal Balance
ABXBeginning Principal Balance
ABYLoan Principal Disbursements
ABZPrincipal Increases
ACAPrincipal of Loans Purchased
ACBPrincipal Cured
ACCPrincipal Sold
ACDPrincipal Insurance Claims
ACEPrincipal Guarantee Voided
ACFPrincipal Paid by Borrowers
ACGLoans in School and Grace
ACHLoans in Authorized Deferment
ACILoans Repay or Forebearance – Current or Less than 31 Days
ACJLoans Repay or Forebearance – 31 to 60 Days Past Due
ACKLoans Repay or Forebearance – 61 to 90 Days Past Due
ACLLoans Repay or Forebearance – 91 to 120 Days Past Due
ACMLoans Repay or Forebearance – 121 to 180 Days Past Due
ACNLoans Repay or Forebearance – 181 to 270 Days Past Due
ACOLoans Repay or Forebearance – 271 or More Days Past Due
ACPLoans Repay or Forebearance – Claims Filed, Not Yet Paid
ACQAgent Sales
ACRAmount Involved
ACSAssigned Capital
ACTCredit Line Utilized
ACUDirect Sales
ACVEarnings per Share
ACXInverted Capital
ACYLoan from Family Members
ACZNon Depreciable Assets
ADAPartially Paid Amount per Share
ADBPending Orders
ADCPersonal Loan
ADDPlant and Machinery
ADEPre-Tax Loss
ADFPre-Tax Profit
ADGRegistered Capital
ADHRevaluation Reserves
ADISocial Capital
ADJStatutory Profit
ADKTraining Pay
ADLRetroactive Pay
ADMExpected Reimbursement Amount
ADNPermit Cost
ADPAdditional Amount to Meet Minimum
ADQLabor Per Hour
ADRNon-recoverable Depreciation
ADSRecoverable Depreciation
ADWReplacement Cost of Repairs
ADXActual Cash Value of Repairs
ADYRecoverable Depreciation of Repairs
ADZNon-recoverable Depreciation of Repairs
AEBActual Cash Value of Building
AECGovernment Share
AEDContractor Share
AEEAward Fee
AEFBase Fee
AEGTarget Profit Floor
AEHTarget Profit Ceiling
AEILabor Per Day
AEJDifference in Interest Due
AEKDifference in Prepayment Penalty
AELDifference in Principal Due
BAANet Taxable Income
BABOriginal Amount of Instrument
BACAddition to Tax
BADReinstatement Fee
BAEPermit Fee Due
BAFPermit Fee with Extension
BAGNet Annual Permit Fee Due
BAHPermit Fee Penalty Due
BAIPermit Fee Interest Due
BAJTotal Permit Fee Due
BAKFranchise Tax
BALUnclaimed Franchise Tax Credit
BAMNet Franchise Tax Due
BANFranchise Tax Penalty Due
BAOTotal Franchise Tax Due
BAPTotal Amount Due
BARAmount to be Refunded
BASGross In-State Receipts
BATGross Receipts
BAUOccupation Fee
BAVTotal Assessed Value
BAWTotal Value of All Property
BAXValue of In-State Property
BAYTotal Value of Out-of-State Property
BAZTotal Par Value
BBATotal Assessable Capital Stock
BBBApportioned Value
BBCEstimated In-State Real Property Value
BBDPar Value of In-State Assets
BBEIn-State Business Revenue
BBFSubscription Price
BBGValue of Authorized Shares
FBAFinal Balance
LOWLower Fund
PCCPrior Contract Cost Basis
PCSPrior Contract Surrender Charge
PCVPrior Contract Value
UPFUpper Fund
VESVested/Earned Upper Fund

Appears in

AMTMonetary Amount Information
ASLAsset Liability
ASMAmount and Settlement Method
B11Beginning Segment for Shipment Status Inquiry
BALBalance Detail
BTABeginning Tax Acknowledgment
CAICivil Action Income
CIVCivil Action Liability
CRDContent Reporting Detail
DADDebit Authorization Detail
FISMortgage Loan Fiscal Data
G13Store Size Attributes
GRIStatistical Government Information
IDBIndebtedness for Student Loans
INCInstallment Information
JILLine Item Detail for the Operating Expense Statement
L13Commodity Details
PAMPeriod Amount
PASProperty Appraisal Summary
PDLPayment Details
PRCPayment Rate Change
PSAPartner Share Accounting
PTFProperty Transaction Financials
RDIRetail Account Demographic Information
RLDDown Payment Data
ROPublic Record or Obligation
SPAStatus of Product or Activity
SWRSwitching Rates
VATVehicle Attribute
ECSFees and Payment Schedule
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