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(ASC X12) 554 Assigned Number


Number assigned for differentiation within a transaction set

Appears in

ANSI X12 EDI CDShipment Conditions
ANSI X12 EDI F07Auto Claim Detail
ANSI X12 EDI F14Line Item Reject
ANSI X12 EDI G95Performance Requirements
ANSI X12 EDI L13Commodity Details
ANSI X12 EDI LVLoan Verification
ANSI X12 EDI LXAssigned Number
ANSI X12 EDI MCMiscellaneous and Accessorial Charges
ANSI X12 EDI MSMiscellaneous Services
ANSI X12 EDI PINPrevious Incident
ANSI X12 EDI PLProposal Cost Logic
ANSI X12 EDI RABRate or Minimum Qualifiers
ANSI X12 EDI RBRate/Minimum Detail
ANSI X12 EDI RDRate Data
ANSI X12 EDI RDDRoute Description Detail
ANSI X12 EDI RSRate Subset
ANSI X12 EDI RYLRoyalty Payment
ANSI X12 EDI SPISpecification Identifier
ANSI X12 EDI SVDService Line Adjudication
ANSI X12 EDI SWSwitching Charges
ANSI X12 EDI T1Transit Inbound Origin
ANSI X12 EDI T2Transit Inbound Lading
ANSI X12 EDI T3Transit Inbound Route
ANSI X12 EDI T6Transit Inbound Rates
ANSI X12 EDI T8Free-form Transit Data
ANSI X12 EDI TTTerm Text
ANSI X12 EDI UDUnderwriting Status
ANSI X12 EDI VEHVehicle Information
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