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(ASC X12) 56 Type of Service Code


Code specifying extent of transportation service requested


AI Transport Mode Change
BB Breakbulk
CS Container Station
CY Container Yard
DD Door to Door
DR Door to Ramp
HA Haulage
HH House-to-house
HL Headload or Devanning
HP House-to-pier
MC Multi-country Consolidation
MD Mixed Delivery
NC Non-containerized cargo
PH Pier-to-house
PP Pier-to-pier
RD Ramp to Door
RE Ramp to Ramp
RR Roll-on Roll-off

Appears in

CD1Cargo Detail
L0Line Item – Quantity and Weight
MBLBill of Lading
N7Equipment Details
R2Route Information
R2ARoute Information with Preference
VIDConveyance Identification
Y2Container Details
Y4Container Release
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