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(ASC X12) 563 Sales Requirement Code


Code to identify a specific requirement or agreement of sale


BBack Order Only If New Item
DBid Guarantee
EEqual Product Allowed
FFactory Ship
KSmall Purchase Set Aside for Small Businesses
NNo Back Order
OBack Order If Items Are Out of Stock or Not Yet Published
PLarge Purchase, Set-Aside for Small Business
QSmall, Disadvantaged Business Set-Aside
RCombined Small, Disadvantaged Business and Labor Surplus Area Set-Aside
SPartial Labor Surplus Area Set Aside
TSmall Business with Small, Disadvantaged Business Consideration Set-Aside
WWarehouse Ship
YBack Order if Out of Stock
ZMutually Defined
8ASection (8a) Set-Aside
AISet-aside for American Indian-owned Business
ASRestricted to Approved Sources
BCRestricted to Historically Black College or University or Minority Institution
BKShip Partial – Balance Back Order
EIRestricted to Educational Institutions
FTShip Full Truck Only
GSGuaranteed Sale
IPRestricted to Industrial Preparedness Program Participants
ISSubstitute Item Allowed
LSLabor Surplus Area Set-Aside
MYMulti-year Award
NSNo Substitutes
P2Ship As Soon As Possible
P3May Preship
P4Do Not Preship
QBOn Qualified Bidders List
QEExclude Import Quota in First Cost
QIInclude Import Quota in First Cost
QMOn Qualified Manufacturers List
QPRestricted to Qualified Products List (QPL) Products
SCShip Complete
SESmall Remaining Balance Cancellation Allowed
SFShip Partial, Carload Lots Only
SGSmall Remaining Balance Cancellation Not Allowed
SIShip In-Place
SPShip Partial, Balance Cancel
SQShip Partial, Item Qty Proportional To Total Order
SSShip Per Schedule
STShip Partial, Truckload Lots Only
SUShip Partial, Balance Substitute
SVShip Per Release
SWShip Per Release or Buyer Authorization
UCRestricted to U.S. and Canadian Sources
ULOther Unlisted Sales Condition
UPUnrestricted Procurement
YIRestricted to Young Investigator Program

Appears in

CSHSales Requirements
IT8Conditions of Sale
Review post

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