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(ASC X12) 587 Acknowledgment Type


Code specifying the type of acknowledgment


ACAcknowledge – With Detail and Change
ADAcknowledge – With Detail, No Change
AEAcknowledge – With Exception Detail Only
AHAcknowledge – Hold Status
AKAcknowledge – No Detail or Change
APAcknowledge – Product Replenishment
NANo Acknowledgment Needed
RDReject with Detail
RFReject with Exception Detail Only
RJRejected – No Detail
RNRejected – Not as Agreed
RORejected With Counter Offer
RVRejected – Violates Industry Practices
ZZMutually Defined

Appears in

BAKBeginning Segment for Purchase Order Acknowledgment
BCABeginning Segment for Purchase Order Change Acknowledgment
BCHBeginning Segment for Purchase Order Change
BCOBeginning Segment for Procurement Notices
BEGBeginning Segment for Purchase Order
BLSBeginning Segment for Asset Schedule
BTABeginning Tax Acknowledgment
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