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(ASC X12) 591 Payment Method Code


Code identifying the method for the movement of payment instructions


ACHAutomated Clearing House (ACH)
BKWBook Entry
BOPFinancial Institution Option
CCCCredit Card
CCFCollect Payment by Certified Funds
CCHCashier’s Check
CDACredit/Debit Account
CPCCollect Payment by Company Check
CWTClearing House Interbank Payment System (CHIPS)Funds/Wire Transfer
DCCACH Demand Cash Concentration/Disbursement (CCD) Credit
DCDACH Demand Cash Concentration/Disbursement (CCD) Debit
DDPDirect Deposit
DEBDebit Card
DLCPre-Arranged Payment or Deposit Plus Addendum (PPD+) Credit to a Demand Deposit Account
DLDPre-Arranged Payment or Deposit Plus Addendum (PPD+) Debit to a Demand Deposit Account
DPCACH Demand Corporate Trade Payment (CTP) Credit
DPDACH Demand Corporate Trade Payment (CTP) Debit
DXCACH Demand Corporate Trade Exchange (CTX) Credit
DXDACH Demand Corporate Trade Exchange (CTX) Debit
DYCPre-Arranged Payment or Deposit (PPD) Credit to a Demand Deposit Account
DYDPre-Arranged Payment or Deposit (PPD) Debit to a Demand Deposit Account
DZCACH Demand Cash Concentration/Disbursement Plus (CCD+) Credit
DZDACH Demand Cash Concentration/Disbursement Plus (CCD+) Debit
EBXEDIBANX Clearing Network
EXC1035 Exchange
FEWFederal Reserve Funds/Wire Transfer – Repetitive
FWTFederal Reserve Funds/Wire Transfer – Nonrepetitive
NONNon-Payment Data
PACPreauthorized Check (Draft)
PDCACH Savings Cash Concentration/Disbursement (PPD) Credit
PDDACH Savings Cash Concentration/Disbursement (PDD) Debit
PDEPayroll Deduction
PROProprietary Network
REVACH Reversal
SCCACH Savings Cash Concentration/Disbursement (CCD) Credit
SCDACH Savings Cash Concentration/Disbursement (CCD) Debit
SDCACH Savings Cash Concentration/Disbursement (PPD+) Credit
SDDACH Savings Cash Concentration/Disbursement (PPD+) Debit
SPCACH Savings Corporate Trade Payment (CTP) Credit
SPDACH Savings Corporate Trade Payment (CTP) Debit
SWTSociety for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (S.W.I.F.T.)
SXCACH Savings Corporate Trade Exchange (CTX) Credit
SXDACH Savings Corporate Trade Exchange (CTX) Debit
SYCPre-Arranged Payment or Deposit (PPD) Credit to Savings
SZCACH Savings Cash Concentration/Disbursement Plus (CCD+) Credit
SZDACH Savings Cash Concentration/Disbursement Plus (CCD+) Debit
TRATraveler’s Check
VISVISA Special Electronic Funds Transfer Network
ZZZMutually Defined

Appears in

B2Beginning Segment for Shipment Information Transaction
BAUBeginning Segment for the Debit Authorization
BMPBeginning Segment for Market Development Fund Settlement
BPRBeginning Segment for Payment Order/Remittance Advice
BTPBeginning Segment For Trading Partner Profile
CD3Carton (Package) Detail
G38Claim Payment Information
M11Manifest Bill of Lading Details
PDLPayment Details
RICFinancial Return
STCStatus Information
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