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(ASC X12) 623 Time Code


Code identifying the time. In accordance with International Standards Organization standard 8601, time can be specified by a + or – and an indication in hours in relation to Universal Time Coordinate (UTC) time; since + is a restricted character, + and – are substituted by P and M in the codes that follow


01Equivalent to ISO P01
02Equivalent to ISO P02
03Equivalent to ISO P03
04Equivalent to ISO P04
05Equivalent to ISO P05
06Equivalent to ISO P06
07Equivalent to ISO P07
08Equivalent to ISO P08
09Equivalent to ISO P09
10Equivalent to ISO P10
11Equivalent to ISO P11
12Equivalent to ISO P12
13Equivalent to ISO M12
14Equivalent to ISO M11
15Equivalent to ISO M10
16Equivalent to ISO M09
17Equivalent to ISO M08
18Equivalent to ISO M07
19Equivalent to ISO M06
20Equivalent to ISO M05
21Equivalent to ISO M04
22Equivalent to ISO M03
23Equivalent to ISO M02
24Equivalent to ISO M01
ADAlaska Daylight Time
ASAlaska Standard Time
ATAlaska Time
CDCentral Daylight Time
CSCentral Standard Time
CTCentral Time
EDEastern Daylight Time
ESEastern Standard Time
ETEastern Time
GMGreenwich Mean Time
HDHawaii-Aleutian Daylight Time
HSHawaii-Aleutian Standard Time
HTHawaii-Aleutian Time
LTLocal Time
MDMountain Daylight Time
MSMountain Standard Time
MTMountain Time
NDNewfoundland Daylight Time
NSNewfoundland Standard Time
NTNewfoundland Time
PDPacific Daylight Time
PSPacific Standard Time
PTPacific Time
TDAtlantic Daylight Time
TSAtlantic Standard Time
TTAtlantic Time
UTUniversal Time Coordinate

Appears in

AT7Shipment Status Details
BAXBeginning Segment for Advance Consist and Transportation Automatic Equipment ID
BGNBeginning Segment
BLNBalance Information
CSDConsolidated Shipment Invoice Data
DTMDate/Time Reference
FIRFinancial Information
IS2Scheduled Events
N9Extended Reference Information
Q5Status Details
RDTRevision Date/Time
SGShipment Status
SMSStation Codes Segment
STSInterchange Status Segment
TSUTransaction Summary
V9Event Detail
X4Customs Release Information
Y3Space Confirmation
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