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(ASC X12) 626 Excess Transportation Reason Code


Code identifying the reason for shipment via premium transportation rather than the normal mode of transportation


ASchedule Increase, Forecast Change or Special Car Order
BEngineering Change or Late Release
CSpecification (Schedule) Error/Overbuilding
DShipment Tracing Delay
EPlant Inventory Loss
FBuilding Ahead of Schedule
GVendor Behind Schedule
HFailed to Include In Last Shipment or Unauthorized Premium
ICarrier Loss Claim
JTransportation Failure
KInsufficient Weight For Carload
LReject or Discrepancy
MTransportation Delay
NLack of Railcar or Railroad Equipment
PReleasing Error
RRecord Error or Late Reported Discrepancy Report
TCommon or Peculiar Part Schedule Increase
UAlternate Supplier Shipping for Responsible Supplier
VDirect Schedule or Locally Controlled
WPurchasing Waiver Approval
XAuthorization Code to be Determined
YPilot Material, Samples or Pre-Production
ZZMutually Defined

Appears in

ETDExcess Transportation Detail
Review post

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