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(ASC X12) 635 Rate Request/Response Code


Code indicating rate request or response purpose


0No rates available applicable to requested movement.
1Rates provided per request.
2Rates provided because rates earlier provided have been changed by a blanket change.
3Rates provided because rates earlier provided have been changed by other than a blanket change.
4Rates provided because new rates have been added applicable to a previously requested movement.
5Successfully Processed
6Unsuccessfully Processed
9Group Definition Request
AProvide rates applicable to a specific movement and continue to provide rates in the future applicable to the specific movement.
CRate or Division Change
DCease providing rates applicable to a specific movement.
FNo Rates Provided Due To Invalid Origin Geography
GGeneral Price Request or Response
HHistoric Price Request or Response
IProvide rates applicable to specific movement.
PNo Rates Provided Due To Invalid Commodity
QPrice Quote Request or Response
SPrice Distribution Send
TNo Rates Provided Due To Invalid Destination Geography
WWaybill Price Request or Response

Appears in

RENRate Request Information
Review post

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