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(ASC X12) 639 Basis of Unit Price Code


Code identifying the type of unit price for an item


APAdvise Price
AWAverage Wholesale Price
BDBefore Discount
BWBiweekly Price per Unit
CPCurrent Price (Subject to Change)
DPDaily Price per Unit
ECEstimated Credit
EHShift Differential
FBFabrication Cost
FXFixed Price
HFPer 100 Feet
HPPrice per Hundred
HTPrice Per 100,000
KAPrice with Government Furnished Property
KPEscalated Price
KRIn Stock
LCCatalog Price per Hundred
LDCatalog Price per Dozen
LECatalog Price per Each
LMCatalog Price per Thousand
LRPrevious Catalog Price
MEMidterm Endorsement Price per Unit
MLPrice per Milliliter
NCNo Charge
NENot to Exceed
NQNo Quote
NSNot Separately Priced
PAPrice per Troy Ounce
PBAnnual Price Per Unit
PDPrice per Dozen
PEPrice per Each
PFPrice Per Foot
PGPrice per Gram
PKPrice per Kilogram
PLPrice per Liter
PMMonthly Price Per Unit
PNPrice per Ten
POPrice per Ounce
PPPrice per Pound
PSPrice Per Thousand Square Foot
PTPrice per Ton
PUQuarterly Price per Unit
PVProvisional Price
PYPrice per Yard
QEQuoted Price per Each
QHQuoted Price per Hundred
QRPrevious Quoted Price
QSQuoted Price per Thousand
RCRetail Price per Hundred
RDRetail Price per Dozen
RERetail Price per Each
RMRetail Price per Thousand
RSResale Price
SASemi Annual Price per Unit
SCSubmitted Contract
SMSemi Monthly Price per Unit
SRSuggested Retail
SWSubmitted Wholesale
TBTo be negotiated.
TCContract Price per Hundred
TDContract Price per Dozen
TEContract Price per Each
TFPer 1000 Feet
TMContract Price per Thousand
TPPrice per Thousand
TTPrice Per 10,000
UMPrice per Unit of Measure
VQVerbal Quote
WCWholesale Price per Hundred
WDWholesale Price per Dozen
WEWholesale Price per Each
WIWeekly Price per Unit
WMWholesale Price per Thousand

Appears in

CTPPricing Information
IT1Baseline Item Data (Invoice)
PO1Baseline Item Data
PO3Additional Item Detail
POCLine Item Change
SLNSubline Item Detail
UITUnit Detail
Review post

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