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(ASC X12) 640 Transaction Type Code


Code specifying the type of transaction


01Location Address Message
02Location Relation Information
03Report Message
04Electronic Mail Message
05Request for Co-op
09Co-op Actual
11National Property Registry System Real Estate Property Transaction
13Maintenance Request
14Maintenance Response
15Request with Immediate Response Required (No Follow-up)
16Request with Immediate Response Required (Follow-up Required)
17Request with Immediate Response to Mailbox
18Response – No Further Updates to Follow
19Response – Further Updates to Follow
20Air Export Waybill and Invoice
21Air Import Invoice
22Ocean Export Direct Invoice
23Ocean Export Indirect Invoice
24Ocean Export Brokerage Invoice
25Ocean Import Invoice
26Miscellaneous Services Invoice
27Warehouse Services Invoice
34Emergency Request
35Short Notice Request
36Damage Notification
37Design Report
39Notice of Occupational Disease
3MSupporting Information
40Notice of Traumatic Injury
41Statement of Financial Affairs
60Material In Transit
62Preaward Notification
63Postaward Notification
64Small Business Award Notification
65Award Notification
66Notification to Late Bidders
67Notification of Protest Receipt
68Abstract of Offers
69Bid Rejection Notice
6AAccomplishment Based Renewal
6CCompetitive Renewal
6NNon-competitive Renewal
70Unsolicited Bid Notice
71Filing and Search Request
73Filing Officer Confirmation
75Full Assignment
76Partial Assignment
77Full Release of Collateral
78Partial Release of Collateral
80Uniform Commercial Code Filing with Broad Collateral Description
81Uniform Commercial Code Filing with Specific Collateral Description
82Segregation by Purchase Order Number
83Segregation by Carrier PRO Number
85Response – No Action Taken
87Disability Benefits Proof of Coverage Notification
88Debtor Filing
91Secured Party Filing
94Partial Release Filing
95Full (Total) Release
97Multiple Listing
A1Storage Item Data Change
A3Administrative Fees
A4Amended Return
A5Notice of Charge
A6Protest or Response to Charge
A7Charge Decision
AADue to Analysis
ABAdvance Shipment and Billing Notice
ACRequisition Cancellation
ADNotice of Availability
AEDue to Reconciliation (Full)
AFRequisition Follow-Up
AGDue to Reconciliation (Partial)
AIAdjusted Invoice
AMRequisition Modification
ANMaterial Obligation Inquiry
APMaterial Obligation Advice
AQQuantity Verification Inquiry
ARSupply Assistance
ASShipment Advice
ATAdministrative Action
AVQuantity Verification Advice
AWMaterial Obligation Reinstatement
AZDisposal Shipment Advice
BABackbill Invoice
BDStatement of Balance Due
BFBest and Final Offer
BHBill and Hold Goods
BJBankruptcy Petition
BKBankruptcy Schedules
BLBlanket Lease Schedule
BMRequisition Passing Order
BNRequisition Referral Order
BOProcurement Cancellation
BPProcurement Modification
BRBusiness Taxpayer Registration
BSBill of Sale Schedule
BTBalance and Transaction Report
BUWorkers’ Compensation 1st Report of Injury
BVWorkers’ Compensation Subsequent Report
BWWorkers’ Compensation Combined 1st and Subsequent Report
C0Customs Entry Detail
C1Claim Information
C2Case Opening
CCCredit Commission Invoice
CDConsolidated Debit Invoice
CEConsolidated Credit Invoice
CFConsolidated Debit Memo
CGConsolidated Credit Memo
CIConsolidated Invoice
CKClaim Submission
CLCustomer Allocation
CMCall Detail Memo
CNCredit Invoice
CPCommission Payment
CRCredit Memo
CSCash Surrender Distribution
CTCost Type Invoice
CUCargo Outturn Report
CVCost Voucher
CWCash Letter
CXCheck List
CYCitation to Pay or Appear
CZConviction Notice
D1Dividend Payment
DBDetour Billing
DCDebit Commission Invoice
DDInterdistrict (Pre-Kindergarten – Grade 12) Student Record
DEAdvance Receipt
DFDiesel Fuel Bill
DHDiscretionary Additional Company Contribution
DIDebit Invoice
DKDuty Drawback
DLDeposit List
DNDirect Nonqualified Rollover
DODrop Shipment Invoice
DPDistrict to Postsecondary Student Record
DQDirect Qualified Rollover
DRDebit Memo
EAExcess Interest Allocation
EBEngineering Final Bill
EFEngineering Installation, Right to Use, Final Bill
EIEngineering Installation, Final Bill
EMEstimate of Record
EPExpense Payment
EREngineering Right to Use, Final Bill
EXExcess Material Notification
FAForfeiture Allocation
FBFinal Bill
FCForfeiture Credit
FDConsolidated Invoice, Final Bill
FEMemorandum, Final Bill
FFFull Assignment Filing
FIFirst Cost Invoice
FLFinal Notice
FMFunding Modification
FNFirst Notice of Loss
FPFlat Rate Per Unit Bill
FRFederal Royalty
FSFinancial Statement Report
FTMaterial Returns
GAGovernment Furnished Material Inquiry Advice
GIGovernment Furnished Material Inquiry
HPHorsepower Equalization Bill
I1In-Ad Coupon Notification
IBInstallation Final Bill
ICInsurance Coverage Notification
IDEmployers Report of Disability
IEIndian Royalty
IFMaterial, Engineering, Installation, Final Bill
IIInterfund Transfer In
IMIncident Notice
IOInterfund Transfer Out
IRInstallation, Right to Use, Final Bill
IUMaterial, Installation, Right to Use, Final Bill
IWWorkers Compensation Report of Injury or Illness
IXInterchange Update
IZInvestment Fees
JMMaintenance and Operations Bill
JOJoint Facility Miscellaneous Bill or Other
JRRental Bill
JSJunction Settlement Update
JXJunction Update
KBTermination for Default
KCDefinitization of Contract
KDDefinitization of Order
KEExercise of Option
KFIntent to Exercise Option
KGAdministrative Change
KHChange Order
KISupplemental Agreement
KJAmended Shipping Instructions
KKProvisioned Item
KLWithdrawal of Offer
KMAdditions to General Provisions
KNRequest for Price Quote
KSAddition to Solicitation Mailing List
KTTermination for Convenience
LCDue-in Reconciliation Inquiry
LDLoan Distribution
LELoan Repayment Expense
LFLanded Costs
LNLoss Notification
LOLoan Repayment to Principal Only
LPLoan Repayment
LRLogistics Reassignment
M1Manufacturer Coupon Notification
MAMailing List
MBMaintenance to Business Taxpayer Registration
MCMaterial Credit Invoice
MDMarket Development Fund
MFMaterial, Engineering, Final Bill
MIMaterial, Installation, Final Bill
MLMembership List
MMMultiple Shippers, Multiple Consignees
MPMise En Place (In Place)
MRMaterial, Right to Use, Final Bill
MSMaterial Final Bill
MUMultifamily Program
N2Notice of Assessment
N3Notice of Warrant
N4Notice of Adjustment
N5Notice of Determination
N6Notice of Settlement
N7Notice of Recorded Lien
N8Notice of Deficiency
NAMaterial Release Order
NBMaterial Release Inquiry
NCMaterial Release Order Forced Closure
NDMaterial Release Cancellation
NEDisposal Release Order
NFDisposal Release Inquiry
NGDisposal Release Cancellation
NHDisposal Shipment Confirmation Inquiry
NIRedistribution Order
NJMaterial Release Confirmation
NKMaterial Release Denial
NLMaterial Release Advice
NMDisposal Release Confirmation
NPDisposal Release Denial
NQDisposal Shipment Confirmation
NRMaterial Release Cancellation Advice
NTDisposal Release Cancellation Advice
NUInventory Adjustment
OCOn Approval
PAProgress Payment Invoice
PBPartial Bill
PCInvention Report
PDProduct Allocation
PFPartial Assignment Filing
PGPremium Routing Guide
PIPersonal Injury Bill
PLPlan Allocation
PMPremium Payment
POPlan Takeover
PPPrepaid Invoice
PRProduct (or Service)
PSPostsecondary Student Academic Record
PTPlan-to-plan Transfer
PUNotice of Claim
PVProtest or Response to Claim
PWClaim Decision
PXWage Verification Notice
PZPurchase Report
QACoupon Regular Clearinghouse Invoice
QBCoupon Direct Retailer Invoice
QCCoupon Clearinghouse Pay Direct Invoice
QDProduct Quality Deficiency
QECoupon Scan Validate Invoice
QFScan Validate Adjustment
QGQuick Response Routing Guide
QHFull Coupon Redemption (No Adjustments)
QJAdjusted Coupon Redemption
QKCoupon Redemption Detail
QLAdjustments to Previous Coupon Redemption
QPCoupon Quick Pay Invoice
QRProduct Quality Deficiency Response
R1Request for Enrollment Verification
R2Response to Request for Enrollment Verification
R3Response to Garnishment
R4Release of Garnishment
R5Response to Levy
R6Release of Levy
R7Response to Order to Withhold
R8Release of Order to Withhold
RARequest for Credit
RBRight to Use
RCRequest for Quote
RDReturns Detail
RFMaterial, Engineering, Right to Use, Final Bill
RGRevised Final Bill
RHRequest for Additional Funds
RMReminder to File
RSResponse – Additional Response(s) Available
RTSpend Down
RUMedical Services Reservation
RZRemoved from Solicitation Mailing List
S1Special Routing Guide
S2Standard Routing Guide
S3Supplemental Loan Repayment
SAStand-alone Lease Schedule
SBSecond Notice of Balance Due
SDSupply Process Deficiency
SESpecial Bilateral
SFSingle Family Program
SGSample Goods Invoice
SHShipment Status Notification
SLSummary Lease Schedule
SMSingle Shipper, Multiple Consignees
SOSpot Rate
SPSupplier Rating
SQSchedule Query
SRSupply Process Deficiency Response
SSSingle Shipper, Single Consignee
STState Royalty
SVSupplemental Invoice
TDShipment or Movement Deficiency
TGReceipt Acknowledgment Inquiry
THReceipt Acknowledgment Advice
TIDelinquent Due-in Advice
TJDelinquent Due-in Inquiry
TKDue-in Reconciliation Advice
TPTrading Partner Information
TRShipment or Movement Deficiency Response
TSTransfer Statement
TTTesting Service Report
TXRequest for Testing Service Report
U1Contract Abstract
U2Shipment Performance Notice
U4Acceptance Alert
U9Contract Payment Notice
UAAmendment Filing
UCUniform Commercial Code Filing
UDUnsalable Detail
UFMaterial, Engineering, Installation, Right to Use, Final Bill
UIUniform Commercial Code Filing Inquiry
UMTermination Filing
UOOriginal Filing
UPUnsalable Product Invoice
URUniform Commercial Code Filing Response to Inquiry
UTContinuation Filing
V1Contract Completion Report
VHPublic Voucher
VJCommercial Invoice
VLViolation Notice
VMVoluntary MEDWATCH Report
VNMandatory MEDWATCH Report
VOMedical Device New Baseline Report
VPMedical Device Annual Baseline Report
VQUser Facility Semi-Annual Medical Device Report
VRAnnual Certification of Medical Device Report
W1Weapons Data Change
W4Weapons Control Report
W5Weapons Control Report Reconciliation
WAWork Assignment
WCWorkers Compensation Proof of Coverage Notification
WHOrder to Withhold
WOWork Order
X1Consolidator’s Invoice
XACancel Pending New Offer
XBBilateral Spot Rate
XCAutomatic Concurrence
XDSpecial Deprescription
XXFirm Order Confirmation with Facility Information
XYFirm Order Confirmation
XZFacility Confirmation
YIFunds Validation Inquiry
YRFunds Validation Response
ZARequest Initiation of Work Candidate
ZBReport of Work Candidate
ZCReport of Assignment or Deletion of Work Candidate to Maintenance Period
ZDRequest Assignment of Work Candidate to Planning Maintenance Activity
ZERequest for Full Work Candidate Detail
ZFReport of Full Work Candidate Detail
ZGReport of Approved Work Candidate
ZHRequest Work Candidate Cost/Duration Estimate
ZIReport of Work Candidate Cost/Duration Estimate
ZJRequest Work Candidate Planning Services
ZKReport of Work Candidate Planning Services
ZLReport of Assignment or Deletion of Work Candidate to Planning/Maintenance Activity
ZMRequest of Assignment or Deletion of Work Candidate to Maintenance Period
ZNStop Work Order
ZOAuthorization to Continue Work
ZPRequest for Departure From Specification
ZQReport of Authorized Departure From Specification
ZRRequest Work Progress Status
ZSReport of Work Progress Status
ZTReport of Rejection or Return of Work Candidate
ZURequest Work Candidate Change
ZWSort and Segregate Detail
ZZMutually Defined

Appears in

B3AInvoice Type
BAABeginning Segment for Product Transfer Account Adjustment
BAKBeginning Segment for Purchase Order Acknowledgment
BCBeginning Segment for Contract Completion Status
BCABeginning Segment for Purchase Order Change Acknowledgment
BCDBeginning Credit/Debit Adjustment
BCHBeginning Segment for Purchase Order Change
BCOBeginning Segment for Procurement Notices
BCQBeginning Segment for Shipper’s Car Order
BEGBeginning Segment for Purchase Order
BGNBeginning Segment
BHTBeginning of Hierarchical Transaction
BIGBeginning Segment for Invoice
BJFBeginning Segment Railroad Junctions and Interchanges Update Activity
BLSBeginning Segment for Asset Schedule
BMABeginning Segment for Market Development Fund Allocation
BMGBeginning Segment For Text Message
BNRBeginning Segment For Nonconformance Report
BOSBeginning Segment for Joint Interest Billing and Operating Expense Statement
BRBeginning Segment for Material Management
BSIBeginning Segment for Order Status Inquiry
BSNBeginning Segment for Ship Notice
BTIBeginning Tax Information
BTPBeginning Segment For Trading Partner Profile
CF2Summary Freight Bill Detail
CMACooperative Market Agreement
ERPEducational Record Purpose
G01Invoice Identification
G42Promotion Announcement Identification
G84Delivery/Return Record of Totals
OTIOriginal Transaction Identification
PENPension Information
R11Beginning Segment for Trailer or Container Repair Billing
RETReal Estate Transaction
W05Shipping Order Identification
W06Warehouse Shipment Identification
W15Warehouse Adjustment Identification
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