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(ASC X12) 670 Change or Response Type Code


Code specifying the type of change to the line item


AI Add Additional Item(s)
CA Changes To Line Items
CB Change of Date Terms
CC Changes To Terms
CE Changes To Item Level Allowance/Charges
CF Cancel Previously Transmitted Purchase Order
CG Changes To Total Level Allowance/Charges
CH Change To Original Confirmation Of Original Announcement
CI Change To Confirmation Of Revised Announcement
CT Change of Dates
DI Delete Item(s)
MU (Multiple) For Unit Price Quantity Reschedule Change
NC Concurrent Item (No Change)
OA Original Confirmation Of Revised Announcement
OC Original Confirmation Of Original Announcement
PC Price Change
PQ Unit Price/Quantity Change
PR Unit Price/Reschedule Change
QD Quantity Decrease
QI Quantity Increase
RA Replace Mode of Shipment
RB Replace All Dates
RC Reject Item Change
RE Replacement Item
RM Replacement Item with Modifications
RQ Reschedule/Quantity Change
RS Reschedule
RZ Replace All Values
TI Transfer Item

Appears in

G92Purchase Order Change Type
LS1Asset Item Identification
PADProduct Adjustment Detail
POCLine Item Change
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