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(ASC X12) 673 Quantity Qualifier


Code specifying the type of quantity


01Discrete Quantity
02Cumulative Quantity
03Discreet Quantity – Rejected Material
04Discrete Quantity – Rejected Material: Disposition Replacement
05Discrete Quantity – Rejected Material: Disposition Credit
06Discrete Quantity – Rejected Material: Disposition Pending
07Cumulative Quantity – Rejected Material
08Cumulative Quantity – Rejected Material: Disposition Replacement
09Cumulative Quantity – Rejected Material: Disposition Credit
10Cumulative Quantity – Rejected Material: Disposition Pending
11Split Quantity
12Ship Notice Quantity
13Collateral Requirements
14Quantity in Float
15Quantity in Hold Out
16Line Thread Quantity
17Quantity on Hand
18Previous Week Quantity
19Unverified Receipts
1AOriginal Duration (in calendar units)
1BCurrent Duration (in calendar units)
1CRemaining Duration (in calendar units)
1DTotal Float (in calendar units)
1EFree Float (in calendar units)
1FLag (as in Lag Time – in calendar units)
1GLead Time (in calendar units)
1KTime Units
1MTime units per shift
1NScrap allowed
1OCalendar Units
1PResource (Quantity) available
1QTotal Resource (Quantity)
1RLevel Resource (Quantity)
1TNumber of Delinquent Installments
1UNumber of Loans
1VTotal Number of Mortgagees
1WTotal Number of Loan Detail Records
1XPrescription Effective Period
1YRate Per Day (RPD)
1ZEnd Of Month Inventory Prior To Ship
20Unusable Quantity
21Cumulative Quantity Shipped Short – Disposition Pending
22Cumulative Quantity Shipped Short – Disposition Challenged
23Cumulative Quantity Shipped Long – Disposition Pending
24Cumulative Quantity Shipped Long – Disposition Challenged
25OEM Inventory
26Total Inventory
27Committed Quantity
28Quantity Available for Return
29Projected Available Inventory
2ACommitment Period
2BNumber of Borrowers
2CNumber of Adjustment Periods
2DAge Nearest
2ETotal Other Properties Owned and Financed
2FAge Next
2GReconsideration Period
2HFlat Extra Premium
2ICO2 Injection Volume
2JAccounts Placed for Collection
2LCompanies in Same Activity for a Period
2MComparison Period
2OEmployees Shared
2PEstimated Accounts
2QInstalled Capacity
2RLevels Occupied
2SRegistered Brands Distributed
2TElectronic Signatures
2VEmployed at this Location
2XRegistered Brands Manufactured
2YFunctional Groups
2ZTransaction Sets
30Quote Quantity on Inventory
31Additional Demand Quantity
32Quantity Sold
33Quantity Available for Sale (stock quantity)
34Noncommitted Inventory on Shelf
35Inventory on Shelf + Work in Progress
36Distributor Inventory
37Work In Process
38Original Quantity
39Shipped Quantity
3ATotal Credits Accepted
3BTotal Credits Rejected
3CTotal Debits Accepted
3DTotal Debits Rejected
3ETotal Payments Rejected
3FTotal Pre-advices Accepted
3GTotal Pre-advices Rejected
3HTotal Prenotes Accepted
3ITotal Prenotes Rejected
3JTotal Post-advices Accepted
3KTotal Post-advices Rejected
3LTotal Unidentified Transactions Rejected
3MTotal Credits Received
3NTotal Debits Received
3PTotal Pre-advices Received
3QTotal Prenotes Received
3RTotal Post-advices Received
3STotal Debits
3TTotal Credits
3UTotal Transactions
3VMinimum Transfer
3WMaximum Transfer
3XSpeed Capacity
40Remaining Quantity
41Number of Batches
42Number of Checks
43Talk Paths
45Cumulative quantity on order
46Total transactions
47Primary Net Quantity
48Secondary Net Quantity
49Number of Signed Bills of Lading
4CAuthorized Shares
4EDesign Employees
4FForeign Related Entities
4GGroup Employees
4HIssued Shares
4JOther Employee Type
4KPart Time Employees
4LRelated Entities
4MRelatives Employed
4OSpace Occupied
4PSpecial Partners
4QSuppliers’ Credit
4TWarehouse Employees
50Number of Copies of Bill of Lading
51Number of Unsigned Bills of Lading
52Number of Originals
53Original payment item count.
54Bank reject item count.
55Net to pay item count.
56Minimum Contract Quantity
57Minimum Order Quantity
58Payment Cancellation Item Count
5AAggregate Benefit Period
5BAnticipated Length of Service
5CApproval/Offer Duration
5DBenefit Amount
5EBenefit Period
5FBrothers Deceased
5GBrothers Living
5JClaim Period
5LElimination Period
5MElimination Period – Accident
5NElimination Period – Sickness
5OEmployees – Nonowner
5PEmployees – Owner
5QEmployees – Part Time
5REmployees – Same Duties
5SEmployees – Same Occupation
5VGeneral Elimination Period
5WGuarantee Period
5YHours Flown – Aircraft Type/Life
5ZHours Flown – Aircraft Type/Period
60Total Authorized Quantity
61Remaining Authorized Quantity
62Number of Days Covered by Inventory
63On Order Quantity
64Past Due Quantity
65Previous Month’s Usage
66Minimum Fabrication Quantity
67Minimum Ship Quantity
68Maximum Number of Shipments Allowed
69Incremental Order Quantity
6AHours Flown – Aircraft/Type Flying
6BHours Flown – Lifetime
6CHours Flown – Type Flying
6DImpairment Duration
6EImpairment Frequency
6FInstallment Frequency
6HIntended Change Time Period
6IInterim Term Period
6JInvolvement Period
6KLoan Rate
6LMaximum Age
6MMaximum Benefit Period – Accident
6NMaximum Benefit Period – Sickness
6OMaximum Benefit Period
6PMedication Duration
6QMinimum Age
6ROwn Occupation Qualification Period
6SOwner’s Equity
6TOwnership Change Age
6UOwnership Duration
6VOwnership Percentage
6WPayment Frequency
6XPayments Number
6ZPlacement Period Expiration
70Maximum Order Quantity
72Minimum Stock Level
73Maximum Stock Level
74Damaged Goods
77Stock Transfers In
78Stock Transfers Out
79Billing Unit(s) Per Pricing Unit
7APrevious Benefits
7BQualification Period
7CRange Average
7DRange Maximum
7ERange Minimum
7FRelationship Duration
7GReplaced Amount
7HResidence Duration
7ISisters Deceased
7JSisters Living
7KTime Frame
7LTime in Country
7MTime Since Hospitalization
7NTime Since Last Application
7OTime Since Last Civilian Flight
7PTime Since Last Insurance Medical
7QTime Since Last Military Flight
7RTime Since Medical Consult
7STime Since Medication End
7TTime Since Medication Start
7UTime Since Onset
7VTime Since Surgery
7WTime Since Trip
7XTravel Frequency
7YTravel Period
7ZTrip Duration
80Pricing Unit(s) Per Billing Unit
81Prepaid Quantity Shipped
82Prepaid Quantity Not Shipped
83Submitted Quantity Sold
84Submitted Quantity Returned
85Lot Size
86Nonconformance Quantity
87Quantity Received
89Operating Beds
8AVisitation Frequency
8CWeight Change Period
8DWork Period
8EExistence Limit Period
8IVoting Shares Held
8JOutstanding Shares
8KShares Held as Treasury Stock
8LShares Subscribed but Not Issued
8MTotal Shares of Stock
8NShares Owned by In-State Residents
😯Shares Owned by Out-of-State Residents
8QLand Holding
8RNon-Domestic Stockholders
8SShares Subscribed
90Acknowledged Quantity
91Additional Usage Quantity
92Allotted Usage Quantity
93Attendant-Handled Quantity
94Billable Quantity
95Data Storage Quantity
96Non-Billable Quantity
97Non-Urgent Delivery Quantity
98Overflow Quantity
99Quantity Used
9ATime Expended
9CPrimary Meter Reading Value
9DEngineered Standard
9EActive Maintenance Time
9FActual Duration
9HEstimated Duration
9JGross Estimate
9KFinish Offset
9LStart Offset
9MPicture Count
9NComponent Meter Reading Count
A1Acceptable Unserviceable Quantity
A2Optimistic Duration
A3Most Likely Duration
A4Pessimistic Duration
A5Adjusted Quantity
A7Years in School
A8Number of Dependents
A9Years on Job
AAUnacknowledged Quantity
ABUrgent Delivery Quantity
ACVoice Storage Quantity
ADMaintenance Units
AEMinimum Average Time Requirement (MATR) Units
AFWide Area Telephone Service (WATS)/800 Service Units
AGNumber of End Users
AHNumber of Message Recipients
AINumber of Operator Credits
AJDaily Adjustments
AKYears in this Line of Work/Profession
ALArea per Units
ANAge at Death
AOVerified Receipts
APOrder Quantity Multiple
AQContribution Total
ARLoan Repayment Total
ASParticipant Total
AUCumulative Actual
AWCumulative Budget
AXNumber of Insured Lives
AZForecast at Complete
B1Number of Mortgagors
B2Mortgage Pool Count
B3Requested Amount
B4Approved Amount
B5Additional Amount
B6Pre-op Days
B7Post-op Days
BBContractor Cumulative to Date
BCBudget At Complete
BDContractor at Complete
BESubcontractor Cumulative to Date
BFAge Modifying Units
BGSubcontractor at Complete
BHBook Order Quantity
BIBook Inventory
BJBedroom Count
BKBathroom Count
BQBackorder Quantity
BRBlood Record
BWBirth Weight
CACovered – Actual
CBClosing Statement Balance
CCCurrent Days on Market
CDCo-insured – Actual
CECovered – Estimated
CFCo-insured – Estimated
CGCumulative Gas Volume
CHCumulative Effect of Prior Period Adjustment
CICumulative Gas Injection Volume
CLCumulative Liquid Injection Volume
CNContinuance Duration
COCumulative Oil/Condensate Volume
CPCurrent Period Imbalance
CRCertified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) Number of Concurrent Procedures
CSCurrent Service Life
CWCumulative Water Volume
CYConvictions Sent
CZTotal Number of Convictions
D3Number of Co-insurance Days
DADependent’s Age
DBDeductible Blood Units
DCDependent Count
DGGas Used for Drilling
DNDefault Notification Response Period
DODays Operated
DPDays Produced
DRDirect Workers
DTDependent Total
E1Course Segments
E2Degree Segments
E3Employed on this job
E4Employed in this Profession
E5Employed by this Company
EAExclusive Uses
EBNonexclusive Uses
ECUse of Extracorporeal Circulation
EDDomestic Uses
EESmall Business Uses
EMEmergency Modifying Units
EPProduct Exchange Amount
EQEquity Security Holder
EREstimated Remaining Economic Life
ESEnding Stock
ETEmployee Total
EWEvaporated Water
F1Off Lease Fuel
FAFull Baths
FBFurnished Blood Units
FCFuel Consumed or Burned Amount
FDVehicular Radios
FEPortable Radios
FFFlare or Flash
FGMarine Radios
FIConventional Mobiles
FJTrunked Channels
FKMobile Loading Allocation
FMAircraft Radios
FRUnits For Sale
FSGas Used for Fuel System
FTForecast to Complete
GAGross Building Area
GBGross Annual Income Multiplier
GCGross Living Area
GEOriginal Term In Years
GFYears Remaining
GIGas Injection Volume
GLGas Lift Volume
GPGross Production
GQGovernment Reporting Quantity
GRGas Receipt Volume
GSGas Sold
GTGrade Transfer Amount
GUEmployee Total First Month of Quarter
GVGas Volume
GWEmployee Total Second Month of Quarter
GXEmployee Total Third Month of Quarter
GZActive Listings
HAMarket Price Change
HEAge of Financial Information
HGFinancial Coverage Period
HHMaximum Number of Employees at Location
HIPrevious Number of Accounts
HJCollection Period
HKDisbursement Period
HMUse of Hypothermia
HNPrevious Number of Employees
HOUse of Hypotension
HPUse of Hyperbaric Pressurization
HRUse of Hypertension
IINumber of Irregular Interest Payments
INIndirect Workers
IPNumber of Interest Payments
IQIn-Transit Quantity
ISInformation Provider Standardized Motor Vehicle Penalty Points
ITIntertank Transfer Amount
JAActivity Codes
JCAverage Employees
JDCooperative Shares
JEEstimated Employees at Location
JFEstimated Total Employees
JGFinancial Institutions
JILand Size
JKMinimum Employees at Location
JLOffice Size
JNPlant Size
JOPrevious Number of Branches
JPProtested Bills
JRUniform Commercial Code (UCC) Filings
JSJudicial Stay Duration
JTWarehouse Size
KBNet Quantity Increase
KCNet Quantity Decrease
KDExpenditure Quantity
KGCompleted Line Items
KHCompleted Contracts
KIActive Contracts Delinquent-Buying Party Caused
KJActive Contracts Delinquent
KKActive Contracts Delinquent-Contractor Caused
KLActive Contracts Delinquent-Unknown Causes
KMActive Line Items Delinquent
KNActive Line Items Delinquent-Buying Party Caused
KOActive Line Items Delinquent-Contractor Caused
KPActive Line Items Delinquent-Unknown Causes
KQContracts Completed Delinquent-Buying Party Caused
KRContract Completed Delinquent-Contractor Caused
KSContracts Completed Delinquent-Unknown Causes
KUReported Deficiencies
KVLine Items Completed Delinquent-Buying Party Caused
KWLine Items Completed Delinquent-Contractor Caused
KXLine Items Completed Delinquent-Unknown Causes
KYCorrective Action Requests-Verbal
KZCorrective Action Requests-Written
L2Guarantee Fee Buyup Maximum
L3Contract Buyup
L4Contract Buydown
L5Guarantee Fee Rate after Alternate Payment Method
L6Guarantee Fee Rate after Buyup or Buydown
L7Buyup or Buydown Rate per Basis Point
LALife-time Reserve – Actual
LBLoss Allowance
LCLate Payment Period
LELife-time Reserve – Estimated
LGLoss or Gain
LHLost Gas
LILiquid Injection Volume
LKCorrective Action Requests-Method C
LLCorrective Action Requests-Method D
LMCorrective Action Requests-Method E
LNAged Active Line Items Delinquent-Contractor Caused
LOLost Oil
LPLease Periods
LQAged Line Items Delinquent
LRAged Line Items Completed-Contractor Caused
LSOil Condensate Sold
LTTariff Loss Allowance
LVOil/Condensate Volume
LWLost Work Time Actual
LXLost Work Time Estimated
LYLength of Residency
M1Matching Equipment
MAMiscellaneous Allowance
MDMillion Dollar Roundtable Credits
MEMinimum Number of Employees
MMMaximum Maturity Extension
MOMinimum Order Package Level
MQMaximum Ship Quantity
MXMaximum Number of Employees
N1Number of Attacks or Occurrences
N2Number of Dead
N3Number of Living
N4Number of Times
N5Minimum Forecast Quantity
N6Maximum Forecast Quantity
NANumber of Non-covered Days
NBNumber of Units (Housing)
NCNumber of Claimants
NDNumber of Late Charges
NENon-Covered – Estimated
NFNumber of Full-Time Employees
NGNumber of Nonsufficient Fund Items
NLNumber of Levels
NNNumber of Hospitals
NONumber of Physicians
NPNumber of Members
NQNumber of Franchisees
NRNot Replaced Blood Units
NSNumber of Stations
NUSince Last Travel
NWUntil Next Travel
OCOrder Count
ODOther Miscellaneous Disposition
OFOff Premise Sales Quantity
OGOther Gas Disposition
OHOther Injection Volume
OIOpening Statement Balance
OLOriginal Loan Term
ONOn Premise Sales Quantity
OOOther Oil Condensate Disposition
OTNumber of Operating Periods at Failure
OUOutlier Days
OWOther Water Disposition
P1Project Phases
P3Physical Status III
P4Physical Status IV
P5Physical Status V
P6Number of Services or Procedures
P7Prescription Dosage
P8Prescription Frequency
P9Number of People Living at Residence
PAPipeline Adjustment or Allowance
PBPressure Base
PCPrior Cumulative Imbalance
PDPayment Duration Weeks
PEPeriod of Employment
PFGas Used for Plant Fuel
PKParking Spaces
PLPartial Baths
POPercentage of Ordered Quantity
PPPurchase of Product
PQCumulative Quantity Required Prior to the First Scheduled Period
PRRequirement Quantity that was Previously Released
PWPitted Water
PXPrior Units Accepted
Q1Minimum quantity to which tax rate applies
Q2Maximum quantity to which tax rate applies
Q3Quantity Earned
Q4Quantity Carried Forward
QAQuantity Approved
QBQuantity Dispensed
QCQuantity Disapproved
QDQuantity Delivered
QEQuantity Deferred
QFHigh Fabrication Authorization Quantity
QHQuantity on Hold
QICommunity Service Duration
QJNumber of Times Deported
QLJail Sentence Duration
QMProbation Duration
QNRestriction Duration
QOOperating Quantity
QPQuantity by Position
QQSuspended Duration
QRHigh Raw Material Authorization Quantity
QSQuantity Per Skid
QUQuantity Serviced
QVQuantity Cancelled
QWQuantity Withdrawn
QXQualifying Weeks
R3Estimated Remaining Physical Life
R6Platform Count
RARefills Authorized
RBReplaced Blood Units
RCNumber of Items Authorized at Store
RDNumber of Items Authorized at Warehouse
REGas Returned to Earth
RFNumber of Items in Stock
RGGas Used for Repressuring or Pressure Maintenance
RHNumber of Shelf Tags
RJQuantity Available on Shelf
RLGas Returned to Property for fuel
RMRoom Count
RNUnits Rented
RSNumber of Shelf Facings
RTRetail Sales Quantity
RWWater Re-injected on Property
RYRequirement Quantity
S1Planned Unit Development (PUD) Units
S2Rooms, Finished Area Above Grade
S3Dwelling Area
S4Garage or Carport Area
S5Units for Sale
S6Gross Rent Multiplier
S7Age, High Value
S8Age, Low Value
S9Bedrooms, Finished Area Above Grade
SCBathrooms, Finished Area Above Grade
SDCriminal Sentence Duration
SEGross Living, Finished Area Above Grade
SJArea of Level
SKGas Shrinkage
SLPredominate Age
SMMinimum Criminal Sentence Duration
SOOil Sedimentation
SPDays Supply
SQProduct Sales Amount
SREffective Age
SSShares of Preferred Stock
SUForecasted Scanned Quantity
SVShares of Common Stock
SWSample Amount
SXMaximum Criminal Sentence Duration
SYState or Province Motor Vehicle Penalty Points
T1Time Units Known
T2Time Units Spent on Duty
T3Total Days on Market
T4Total Rooms
T5Total Number of Units
T6Total Number of Units for Sale
TATank Allowance
TBOil Theft
TCTotal at Complete
TDTotal to Date
TENumber of Theatres
TGTotal Gas Injection Volume
THTheoretical Quantity
TITotal Oil and/or Condensate Injection Volume
TJDuration in Current Job
TKTotal Oil and/or Condensate Disposition
TMTotal Water Disposition
TNTotal Beginning Inventory
TPTime in Position
TSTotal Number of Parking Spaces
TTTotal Production Volume
TUTotal Adjustments Volume
TVTotal Gas Disposition
TWTotal Water Injection Volume
TXTotal Ending Inventory
TYTotal Sales Volume
UAUnits Completed
UGGas Used on Property
ULApproximate Number of Units for Sale Projected
UOOil Condensate Used on Property
V1Retention Quantity
V2Available Quantity
V3Transfer Quantity
V4Surveys in Average Rating
VAVolume Shrinkage Adjustment or Allowance
VBBlank Votes
VCCumulative Earned Value
VDScattered Votes
VEEarned Value
VFFederal Votes
VGGas Vented
VHSchedule Variance
VICumulative Schedule Variance
VJCumulative Variance
VKEstimate at Complete
VLAt Complete Variance
VMVariance Adjustment
VNNo Votes
VPPresidential Votes
VVVoid Votes
VYYes Votes
WATotal number of Workers’ Compensation First Reports
WBTotal number of Workers’ Compensation Subsequent Reports
WCTotal number of Workers’ Compensation Combined Reports
WDUnits Worked per Day
WELimited Quantity
WGWeight Gain
WLWeight Loss
WOOperator’s Working Interest
WPNumber of Producing Wells Remaining on Property or Facility
WRNumber of Producing Wells Remaining on Royalty Account
WTTotal Working Interest
WVWater Volume
WWWeeks Worked
WXLicense Withdrawal Duration
WYLicense Withdrawals Sent
X1Producing Wells
XATotal of Issuable Assets
XBTotal System Backorder Quantity, High Priority
XCTotal Service Backorder Quantity, High Priority
XDTotal System Backorder Quantity, Low Priority
XETotal Service Backorder Quantity, Low Priority
XGOn Hand and Due-In
XIInstallment Payments
XJOther War Reserve Material Requirements Protectable (OWRMRP) Quantity
XLApproximate Number of Units Projected
XNApproximate Number of Holders
XOCirculating Oil
XTProtected Quantity
XVRequisitioning Objective
XXAuthorized Retention Level
XYSafety Level
XZBackorder Lines
YATotal Demand Quantity
YBTotal Demand Orders
YCFirst Quarter Recurring Demand
YDFirst Quarter Recurring Orders
YEFirst Quarter Non-recurring Demand
YFFirst Quarter Non-recurring Orders
YGSecond Quarter Recurring Demand
YHSecond Quarter Recurring Orders
YJSecond Quarter Non-recurring Demand
YKSecond Quarter Non-recurring Orders
YLThird Quarter Recurring Demand
YMThird Quarter Recurring Orders
YNThird Quarter Non-recurring Demand
YPThird Quarter Non-recurring Orders
YQFourth Quarter Recurring Demand
YRFourth Quarter Recurring Orders
YSFourth Quarter Non-recurring Demand
YTFourth Quarter Non-recurring Orders
YWReorder Point Quantity
YXContract Line Item Quantity
Z1Units Worked Last Day
Z2Units Worked per Week
Z3Units Worked per Quarter
Z4Number Weeks Paid
Z6Unused Accumulated Sick Days
ZAFederal Medicare or Medicaid Claim Mandate – Category 1
ZBFederal Medicare or Medicaid Claim Mandate – Category 2
ZCFederal Medicare or Medicaid Claim Mandate – Category 3
ZDFederal Medicare or Medicaid Claim Mandate – Category 4
ZEFederal Medicare or Medicaid Claim Mandate – Category 5
ZFFederal Pension Mandate – Category 1
ZGFederal Pension Mandate – Category 2
ZHFederal Pension Mandate – Category 3
ZIHolding Period
ZJFederal Pension Mandate – Category 5
ZKFederal Medicare or Medicaid Payment Mandate – Category 1
ZLFederal Medicare or Medicaid Payment Mandate – Category 2
ZMFederal Medicare or Medicaid Payment Mandate – Category 3
ZNFederal Medicare or Medicaid Payment Mandate – Category 4
ZOFederal Medicare or Medicaid Payment Mandate – Category 5
ZPFederal Pension Mandate – Category 4
ZRExtended Term
ZSAmortization Term

Appears in

EBEligibility or Benefit Information
FHFamily History
FSTForecast Schedule
GRIStatistical Government Information
HSDHealth Care Services Delivery
LN2Existing Real Estate Loan Specific Data
PAMPeriod Amount
PRCPayment Rate Change
QTYQuantity Information
RECReal Estate Condition
RLTReal Estate Loan Type
SHPShipped/Received Information
TOVVehicle Use Information
TRFRating Factors
UDAUnderwriting Condition
FX7Pack and Size
IVTInventory Parameters
SLVService Level
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