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(ASC X12) 692 Conveyance Code


Code indicating rate application


1 Package Express
2 Groups
A Bus
B Truck
C Truck – Rail – Truck
D Applies to deregulated (US ICC) carload rail, other than piggyback
E Rail
F Rail Trailer on Flat Car/Container on Flat Car (TOFC/COFC) Door-to-Door
G Rail Trailer on Flat Car/Container on Flat Car (TOFC/COFC) Plan 3
H Rail Trailer on Flat Car/Container on Flat Car (TOFC/COFC) Plan 4
I Applies to regulated intermodal traffic
J Air Freight
K Air Freight Forwarder
L Air Taxi
M Multimodal
N Surface Freight Forwarder
O Water
P Applied To Deregulated (US ICC) Piggyback
Q Shipper Agent
R Applies to regulated carload rail other than piggyback.
S Driveaway Service
T Towaway Service
U Driveaway and Towaway Service
V Water/Pipeline Intermodal Movements
W Shipper Agent (Truck/Rail/Truck)
Y Pipeline
Z Shipper Association

Appears in

DKDocket Header
PR2Price Request Parameter List 2
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