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(ASC X12) 716 Functional Group Syntax Error Code


Code indicating error found based on the syntax editing of the functional group header and/or trailer


1 Functional Group Not Supported
2 Functional Group Version Not Supported
3 Functional Group Trailer Missing
4 Group Control Number in the Functional Group Header and Trailer Do Not Agree
5 Number of Included Transaction Sets Does Not Match Actual Count
6 Group Control Number Violates Syntax
10 Authentication Key Name Unknown
11 Encryption Key Name Unknown
12 Requested Service (Authentication or Encryption) Not Available
13 Unknown Security Recipient
14 Unknown Security Originator
15 Syntax Error in Decrypted Text
16 Security Not Supported
17 Incorrect Message Length (Encryption Only)
18 Message Authentication Code Failed
19 S1E Security End Segment Missing for S1S Security Start Segment
20 S1S Security Start Segment Missing for S1E End Segment
21 S2E Security End Segment Missing for S2S Security Start Segment
22 S2S Security Start Segment Missing for S2E Security End Segment
23 S3E Security End Segment Missing for S3S Security Start Segment
24 S3S Security Start Segment Missing for S3E End Segment
25 S4E Security End Segment Missing for S4S Security Start Segment
26 S4S Security Start Segment Missing for S4E Security End Segment

Appears in

AK9Functional Group Response Trailer
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