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(ASC X12) 750 Product/Process Characteristic Code


Code identifying the general class of a product or process characteristic


01 Limiting Operation
02 General Product Form
08 Product
09 Sub-product
10 Major Grade
11 Society, Government, Customer Specifications
12 Type and/or Process
13 Quality (Quality Level)
14 Finish or Surface Roughness
15 Heat Treat/Anneal
16 Temper
17 Coating
18 Surface Treatment, Chemical
19 Surface Treatment, Mechanical
20 Ends: Slitting, Splitting, Cutting
21 Forming
22 Edge Treatment
23 Welds/Splices
25 End Treatment
28 Test Sample Frequency
29 Test Sample Location
30 Test Sample Direction
32 Type of Test/Inspection
33 Testing and Inspection Agencies
34 Filament
35 Color
36 Denier
37 Fiber
38 Grade
39 Luster
40 Shade
41 Tint
42 Tow
43 Twist
54 Section Profile
55 Alloy
56 Special Processing
58 Winding Instructions
59 Surface Protection
60 Machine Run
61 End Use Application
62 Corrosion Resistance
63 Product Life Cycle
64 Package Integrity
65 Visual
66 Electrical
67 Functional Performance
68 Chemistry
69 Physical
70 Magnetic
71 Mechanical
72 Metallography
73 Vendor color description
74 Vendor size description
75 Buyer’s Color Description
76 Dye Lot Description
77 Finish Description
78 Pattern Description
79 Put-up Description
80 MILSPEC (Military Specification)
81 FEDSPEC (Federal Specification)
82 FED-STD (Federal Standard)
83 CID (Commercial Item Description)
84 Special Specification
85 Appearance
86 Dispersion
87 Fluid
88 Flow
89 Moisture
90 Density
91 Buyer’s Item Size Description
92 Fabric Description
93 Shipping Unit Component
94 Type Spinning
95 Wax Code
96 Electronically Cleaned
97 Conditioned Code
99 Precautionary Instructions
9A Manufacturing Method
9B Product Application
9C Engine
9D Transmission
AF Editor
AG Translator
AT Process Action Taken
B8 Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Class Code
BC Behind-the-Counter Drugs
BW Basis Weight Size
C2 Controlled Substance – Class 2
C3 Controlled Substance-Class 3 (Narcotic)
C4 Controlled Substance – Class 4
C5 Controlled Substance – Class 5
C6 Controlled Substance-Class 3N (Non-narcotic)
CD Collateral Description
CH Chassis
CL Color – Lower Body
CM Compliance Method
CO Collection Method Code
CP Coupling
CS Coating or Paint System Code
CU Color – Upper Body
CW Coating or Paint System Name
DE Drug Efficacy Study Implementation
DF Dosage Form
DM Dimensional
EC Escrow Code
EN Engine with Transmission
FA Failure Analysis Process
FC Fold Configurations
FL Fuel
FQ Quality
GD Grain Direction
GM General Merchandise
GS Goods
HB Health and Beauty Aids
HY Hydraulics
HZ Hazardous Material
KI Kit
LC Lead/Copper Sample Type
LO Coordinate Description Code
MA Material Status, Outside Processor
MB Marking
MS Medical Supplies
NH Non-Hazardous Material
OC Options
OD Odorized
OR Orientation
OT Over-the-Counter Drug
P6 Percentage of Alcohol
PD Physical Form: As Diluted
PF Physical Form: Concentrate
PG Program
PP Process/Production Unit
PR Manufacturing Process
R3 Proof
RA Route of Administration
RM Results Method Code
RR Rejection Reason
RX Prescription Drug
SC Source
SE Services
SF Service Feature
ST Sample Type
TC Therapeutic Class
TE Therapeutic Equivalency Evaluation
TF Filtering
TP Typeface
TR Trimming
TZ Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Type Code
VA Vehicle
VC Volatile Organic Compound Control
VI Vintage
WD Warranty Description
WF Wine Fruit
WT Waste
ZZ Mutually Defined
BCC Beverage Contents Characteristics, (e.g., Kosher, No Sulfites, etc. (Industry List)
BES Beverage Segment
BEV Beverage Category
BLM Bottomhole Location Method Code
BND Brand Group
BPI Bottomhole Pressure Method Indicator Code
BRG Brand Group: A grouping of similar brands, (e.g., Johnnie Walker)
CCN Common Chemical Name
CFC Company Field Code
CHF Chemical Family
CLT Casing/Liner/Tubing Type
CMS Commercial Status
DAC Damage Code
DAF Damage Fault
DIR Directional Indicator
FCD Field Code (EIA/DOD)
FDD Forecast Deviation
FLV Flavor
FMR Formula
GEN General Description
HZR Hazard Rating System
ING Ingredient
INJ Injectables
MAC Material Classification
MBU Minerals Management Service/Bureau of Land Management (Indian Land) Property/Unit Number
MSG Market Segment
ODR Odor
PFA Physical Form
PFC Perforation Continuity Indicator
PFG Physical Form: Gas
PFI Perforation Interval(s)
PFK Physical Form: Aerosol
PFL Physical Form: Liquid
PFM Physical Form: Emulsion
PFN Physical Form: Semisolid
PFP Physical Form: Powder
PFS Physical Form: Solid
PFT Perforation Type
PRI Grape Variety
PRO Proprietary
PSC Pipeline Stream
PUB Public Information
PUR Pure Form
QAS Quality Assurance Status
RCC Reservoir Code (Company)
RSD Regulatory (State) District
RSE Regulatory (State) Entity Code
SEC Secret or Confidential Information
SIZ Sizing
SLM Surface Location Method Code
SOL Solubility
STL State Controlled
SYN Synonym
THR Threshold
TIF Title Insurance Form
TIR Tire
TRN Trade Name
TWF Theoretical Weight Formula
WLC Well Classification
WTT Well Test Type

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CIDCharacteristic/Class ID
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