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(ASC X12) 808 Hazardous Material Shipment Information Qualifier


Qualifier indicating the type of information being passed so that a receiver may format a description of hazardous commodity movements that meets regulatory requirements


ADIAdditional Descriptive Information Not Required by Regulation but Desired to Accompany the Movement by the Shipper
CAOCargo Airlift Only
D13DOT – 113, Do Not Bump or Cut Off Car While in Motion Declaration
DRCDamaged Car Number
DWWDangerous When Wet Declaration
EMSEmergency Schedule (EMS) Page Number
HOTIdentifies Products in a Heated Molten State
HZCHazardous Substance Constituents
INHInhalation Hazard
LQYLimited Quantity Declaration
MFAMedical First Aid Guide (MFAG) Page Number
MOSMaximum Operating Speed
MPIMarine Pollutant
PIHPoison – Inhalation Hazard Declaration
POIPoison Declaration
RAMRadioactive Material Data
TECTechnical or Chemical Group Name
TNMTrade Name
WSTWaste Declaration

Appears in

LFHFree-form Hazardous Material Information
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