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(ASC X12) 820 Report Section Name Code


Code identifying the name of the section of the report


AMAnalytical Methods
CIChemical Product and Company Information
CMGeneral Information
COComposition or Information on Ingredients
DIDisposal Considerations
DMDetection Methods
EIExposure Information, Effects of Overexposure, Exposure Limits
ENEcological Information
EOEmergency Procedures
EPExposure Controls or Personal Protection
FAFirst Aid Measures
FEFire Fighting Measures
HHHazards Identification
HIPotential Health Effects
IAOther Information
KYKey or Legend
MIMaterial or Product Identification
MSMaterial Safety Data Sheet
PDPhysical and Chemical Properties
PMPreventive Measures
PRPreparation and Revision Information
REStability and Reactivity Information
RGRegulatory Information
SHTransport Information
SLAccidental Release Measures
STHandling and Storage
TSTrade Secret Exemptions
TXToxicological Information

Appears in

MSSMaterial Safety Data Sheet Section Information
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