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(ASC X12) 83 Licensing Agency Code


Code for licensing agency


CCommercial – Motor Vehicle
DDriver License – Motor Vehicle
EOffice of Export Administration
FFederal Aviation Administration (FAA)
GDepartment of Agriculture – Tobacco, Seeds & Plants
IDepartment of the Interior – U.S. Endangered Native Fish and Wildlife and Migratory Birds
JDepartment of Justice – Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs
MMaritime Administration – Watercraft (Other Than Vessels of War), Vessels Exported for Scrapping, Dismantling, Dismembering, or Destroying the Hulls Thereof (Also Controlled by Office of Export Administration)
NNuclear Regulatory Commission – Commodities Subject to the Atomic Energy Act
PFederal Power Commission – Natural Gas and Electric Energy
SDepartment of State – Arms, Ammunition, Implements of War; Vessels of War
TDepartment of Treasury – Gold

Appears in

DMAAdditional Demographic Information
HPLHealth Care Provider License
SLASchool Accreditation and Licensing
X1Export License
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