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(ASC X12) 859 Activity Code


Code identifying activity details for the product being reported


BSBailment Sales Quantity
BTTransportation Sales Quantity
DGQuantity Damaged
HLQuantity on Hold
LSLost Sales
MSMilitary Sales Quantity
OFOff Premise Quantity
OHGross Quantity On Hand
OPOn Premise Sales Quantity
OQPlanned Order Quantity
PAProduction Quantity Adjustment
POCalculated Reorder Point
Q1Quantity Sold (Net)
Q2Quantity Returned
Q3Quantity Returned (Defective/Damaged)
QACurrent Inventory Quantity Available for Shipment or Sale
QBBeginning Balance Quantity
QCQuantity Committed
QDAdditional Demand Quantity
QEEnding Balance Quantity
QFQuantity In-bond
QHQuantity Damaged or On Hold
QIQuantity in Transit
QKQuantity Not Listed
QLMinimum Inventory Quantity
QMMaximum Inventory Quantity
QNPlanned Inventory Quantity
QOQuantity Out of Stock
QPQuantity On Order, Not Yet Received
QRQuantity Received
QSQuantity Sold
QTAdjustment to Inventory Quantity
QUQuantity Returned By Consumer
QWQuantity Withdrawn from Warehouse Inventory
QXQuantity Requested (Will Override Replenishment Planning)
QZQuantity Transferred
RERetail Sales Quantity
TSTotal Sales Quantity
WQWholesale Sales Quantity

Appears in

ZAProduct Activity Reporting
Review post

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