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(ASC X12) 875 Maintenance Type Code


Code identifying the specific type of item maintenance


3Add Full Item Detail
4Withdraw Item (Temporary)
5Restore Item
6Membership Type
7Purchase Eligibility
9Not Verified
10Periodic Report
12Medical Noncompliance
13Administrative Noncompliance
14Suspended Pending Settlement Approval
15Suspended Pending Appeal or Judicial Review
16Injury Report Creation
17Illness Report Creation
18Transfer of Beneficial Rights
19Record Security Instrument
22Change in Status
23Change in Rate Factors
24Cancellation or Termination
28Policy Adjustment
30Audit or Compare
31Medical Examination Authorization
32Employee Information Not Applicable
33Release of Interim Funding Interest
52Initial Payment
53Change in Benefit Amount
54Change in Benefit Type
55Reinstatement of Benefit
56Reduced Earnings
58Full Salary
59Suspension Medically Determined or Qualified to Return to Work
60Non-compliance of Medical Requirements
61Non-compliance of Administrative Requirements
62Compensable Death
64Claimant’s Whereabouts Unknown
66Status Request
67Benefits Exhausted
68Jurisdictional Change
69Payment Notification
70Status Request Response
71Re-issue Identification Card(s)
72Suspension Due to Claimant Death
73Partial Denial
74Partial Suspension, Returned to Work, or Medically Determined or Qualified to Return to Work
75Partial Suspension, Medical Non-compliance
76Partial Suspension, Administrative Non-compliance
77Partial Suspension, Claimant Death
78Partial Suspension, Incarceration
79Partial Suspension, Claimant’s whereabouts Unknown
80Partial Suspension, Benefits Exhausted
81Partial Suspension, Jurisdiction Change
82Partially Suspended, Benefits Pending Settlement Approval
83Partially Suspended, Pending Appeal or Judicial Review
100Sale of Mortgage Change
101Servicer Change
102Mortgagor Change
104Prepayment Termination
105Non-conveyance Termination
106Voluntary Action Termination
107Loan Refinanced Termination
108Transfer Due to Interest and Servicing Sold
109Retain Servicing
110Transfer Servicing
111Assign Servicing
112Servicer Loan Number Change
116Loan Maturity Maintenance
118New Policy
119Renewal Policy
123Canceled by Administrator
124Canceled by Insured
127Termination of All Endorsements
128Termination of Lessor Interest
129Termination of Additional Insured Interest
130Termination of Lienholder or Loss Payee
131Addition of Lessor Endorsement
132Addition of Lienholder Endorsement
133Addition of Additional Insured Endorsement
134Change of Lessor Endorsement
135Change of Lienholder Endorsement
136Change of Additional Insured Endorsement
137Acquired Unallocated
138Acquired Payment
CEPChange Excluding Price
PRIPrice Change Only
ZZZMutually Defined

Appears in

G53Maintenance Type
Review post

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