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(ASC X12) 91 Transportation Method/Type Code


Code specifying the method or type of transportation for the shipment


6Military Official Mail
DParcel Post
EExpedited Truck
HCustomer Pickup
ICommon Irregular Carrier
LContract Carrier
MMotor (Common Carrier)
NPrivate Vessel
OContainerized Ocean
PPrivate Carrier
QConventional Ocean
TBest Way (Shippers Option)
UPrivate Parcel Service
WInland Waterway
XIntermodal (Piggyback)
YMilitary Intratheater Airlift Service
ACAir Charter
AEAir Express
AFAir Freight
AHAir Taxi
ARArmed Forces Courier Service (ARFCOS)
BPBook Postal
CECustomer Pickup / Customer’s Expense
DADriveaway Service
DWDriveaway, Truckaway, Towaway
EDEuropean or Pacific Distribution System
FAAir Freight Forwarder
FLMotor (Flatbed)
GGGeographic Receiving/Shipping
GRGeographic Receiving
GSGeographic Shipping
HHHousehold Goods Truck
LTLess Than Trailer Load (LTL)
MBMotor (Bulk Carrier)
MPMotor (Package Carrier)
PAPooled Air
PGPooled Piggyback
PPPool to Pool
PRPooled Rail
PTPooled Truck
RCRail, Less than Carload
SBShipper Agent
SCShipper Agent (Truck)
SDShipper Association
SRSupplier Truck
STStack Train
TATowaway Service
TCCab (Taxi)
TTTank Truck
VAMotor (Van)
VEVessel, Ocean
VLVessel, Lake
WPWater or Pipeline Intermodal Movement
Y1Ocean Conference Carrier
Y2Ocean Non-Conference Carrier
ZZMutually defined

Appears in

B3BBeginning Segment for Rail Carrier’s Invoice
BA1Export Shipment Identifying Information
BORBeginning of Report
BXGeneral Shipment Information
CADCarrier Details
CMCargo Manifest
G66Transportation Instructions
G93Price Bracket Identification
IV1Lane Estimates
LC1Lane Commitments
M10Manifest Identifying Information
M11Manifest Bill of Lading Details
M12In-bond Identifying Information
M15Customs Events Advisory Details
MS3Interline Information
R2Route Information
R3Route Information – Motor
R2ARoute Information with Preference
RT1Rate Detail
SHDShipment Detail
SPKSpecimen Kit Information
TD5Carrier Details (Routing Sequence/Transit Time)
V1Vessel Identification
W08Receipt Carrier Information
W27Carrier Details (Warehouse)
W66Warehouse Carrier Information
Y1Space Reservation Request
Y2Container Details
Y3Space Confirmation
ZC1Beginning Segment for Data Correction or Change
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