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(ASC X12) 945 Position Code


Code specifying the position of an item such as the location, within a specimen, from which the sample was taken; the position of a coupon within an advertisement; etc


1 Bore
2 Rim
3 Web
4 Leg
5 Integral Test Ring
6 Slug
7 Interior Front
8 Interior Back
9 Center of Thickness
10 Ladle
11 Front
12 Back
13 Center
14 Core
15 Mid-Radius
16 Surface
17 Heaviest Section
18 Quarter Thickness
19 One-Third Radius
20 Operator Edge
21 Center of Width
22 Drive Edge
23 Top
24 Bottom
30 Inside
31 Upper Left Quadrant
32 Upper Right Quadrant
33 Lower Left Quadrant
34 Lower Right Quadrant

Appears in

PSDPhysical Sample Description
Review post

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