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(ASC X12) 963 Tax Type Code


Code specifying the type of tax


AAStadium Tax
BPBusiness Privilege Tax
CACity Tax
CBThreshold Tax
CGFederal Value-added Tax (GST) on Goods
CICity Rental Tax
CPCounty/Parish Sales Tax
CRCounty Rental Tax
CSCity Sales Tax
CTCounty Tax
CVFederal Value-added Tax (GST) on Services
DLDefault Labor Tax
EQEquipment Tax
ETEnergy Tax
EVEnvironmental Tax
F2FICA Medicare Tax
F3FICA Social Security Tax
FDFederal Tax
FFFuel Super Fund Tax
FIFederal Income Tax Withholding
FLFuel L.U.S.T. Tax (Leaking Underground Storage Tank)
FRFranchise Tax
FSFuel Spill Tax
FTFederal Excise Tax
GRGross Receipts Tax
GSGoods and Services Tax
HSPublic Health and Education Tax
HTHandicap Tax
HZHazardous Waste Tax
LBLabor By Trade Tax
LOLocal Tax (Not Sales Tax)
LSState and Local Sales Tax
LTLocal Sales Tax (All Applicable Sales Taxes by Taxing Authority Below the State Level)
LULeaky Underground Storage Tank (LUST) Tax (federal)
LVLeaky Underground Storage Tank (LUST) Tax (state)
MAMaterial Tax
MNMinimum Tax
MPMunicipal Tax
MSMiscellaneous State Tax
MTMetropolitan Transit Tax
OHOther Taxes
OTOccupational Tax
PGState or Provincial Tax on Goods
PSState or Provincial Tax on Services
SAState or Provincial Fuel Tax
SBSecondary Percentage Tax
SCSchool Tax
SEState Excise Tax
SFSuperfund Tax
SLState and Local Tax
SPState/Provincial Tax
SRState Rental Tax
SSState Tax on Specific Labor
STState Sales Tax
SUSales and Use Tax
SXEnhanced 911 – State Excise Tax
T1Pre-threshold Tax
T2Post Threshold Tax
TDTelecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) Service Excise Tax
TTTelecommunications Tax
TXAll Taxes
ULLicense Tax
UTUtility Users’ Tax
VAValue Added Tax
WSWell Service
ZA911-City Tax
ZB911-County Tax
ZC911-Excise Tax
ZD911-State Tax
ZZMutually Defined

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TXITax Information
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