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(ASC X12) 988 Cryptographic Service Message (CSM) Field Tag


The field tag that identifies a field contained in a cryptographic service message; the field tag identifies the contents of the accompanying Field Contents


KD Data Key
KK Key – Encrypting Key
CTA Count, “A”
CTB Count, “B”
CTP Count, Pair
CTR Count, “R”
EDC Error Detection Code
ERF Error Field
IDA Identity of Key for Authentication
IDC Identity of Key Distribution Center (CKD) or Key Translation Center (CKT)
IDD Discontinued Key Name
IDU Identity of Ultimate Recipient (the Security Recipient)
KDU Data Key, Notarized
KKU Key – Encrypting Key Notarized
MAC Message Authentication Code
NOS Notarization Flag
PKK Key – Encrypting Key Pair (*KK)
SVR Service Request
TID Transaction Identification Number
PKKU Key – Encrypting Key Pair, Notarized (*KKU)
SUBF Subfield of Previous Field Tag

Appears in

CSBCryptographic Service Message Body
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