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(ASC X12) 994 Encryption Service Code


Coded values representing options for encryption processing, including the use of compression and filtering; the code either defines the encryption mode and the transmission filter specification for filtering binary data into transmittable text or specifics that the following subelements define these values


20ANSI X9.23 Cipher Block Chaining (CBC), No Filter (Binary Cipher Text)
21ANSI X9.23 Cipher Block Chaining (CBC), Hexadecimal Filter
22ANSI X9.23 Cipher Block Chaining (CBC), ASCII Filter
23ANSI X9.23 Cipher Block Chaining (CBC), ASCII/BAUDOT Filter
2ZANSI X9.23 Cipher Block Chaining (CBC), Mutually Defined Filter
40ANSI X9.23 CFB-8 (Cipher Feedback); No Filter (Binary Cipher Text)
41ANSI X9.23 CFB-8 (Cipher Feedback), Hexadecimal Filter
42ANSI X9.23 CFB-8 (Cipher Feedback), ASCII Filter
43ANSI X9.23 CFB-8 (Cipher Feedback), BAUDOT Filter
4ZANSI X9.23 CFB-8 (Cipher Feedback), Mutually Defined Filter
AAParameters Defined Individually
ZZMutually Defined

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S1SSecurity Header Level 1
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