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(ASC X12) I22 Interconnect Mailbag ID Qualifier Code


Code identifying the system or method of code structure used to designate the sender or receiver ID element being qualified


01DUNS (Dun and Bradstreet)
 02SCAC (Standard Carrier Alpha Code)
 03FMC (Federal Maritime Commission)
 04IATA (International Air Transport)
 08UCC EDI Communications ID (Comm ID)
 09X.121 (CCITT)
 11DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration)
 12Phone (Telephone Companies)
 13UCS Code (The UCS Code is the Only Code Used for UCS Transmissions; It Includes the Area Code and Telephone Number of a Modem; It Does Not Include Punctuation, Blanks or Access Code)
 14DUNS Plus Suffix
 15Petroleum Accounting Society of Canada
 NRNational Retail Merchants Association (NRMA) – Assigned
 ZZMutually Defined

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ANSI X12 EDI IHInterconnect Mailbag Header
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