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(ASC X12) I37 Delivery Time Code


This is a code identifying the delivery time; in accordance with International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard 8601, time can be specified by a + or – and an indication in hours in relation to universal time coordination (UTC) time; since + is a restricted character, the + and – are substituted by P and M in the codes that follow


01Equivalent to ISO P01
 02Equivalent to ISO P02
 03Equivalent to ISO P03
 04Equivalent to ISO P04
 05Equivalent to ISO P05
 06Equivalent to ISO P06
 07Equivalent to ISO P07
 08Equivalent to ISO P08
 09Equivalent to ISO P09
 10Equivalent to ISO P10
 11Equivalent to ISO P11
 12Equivalent to ISO P12
 13Equivalent to ISO M12
 14Equivalent to ISO M11
 15Equivalent to ISO M10
 16Equivalent to ISO M09
 17Equivalent to ISO M08
 18Equivalent to ISO M07
 19Equivalent to ISO M06
 20Equivalent to ISO M05
 21Equivalent to ISO M04
 22Equivalent to ISO M03
 23Equivalent to ISO M02
 24Equivalent to ISO M01
 CDCentral Daylight Time
 CSCentral Standard Time
 CTCentral Time
 EDEastern Daylight Time
 ESEastern Standard Time
 ETEastern Time
 GMGreenwich Mean Time
 LTLocal Time
 MDMountain Daylight Time
 MSMountain Standard Time
 MTMountain Time
 PDPacific Daylight Time
 PSPacific Standard Time
 PTPacific Time
 UTUniversal Time Coordinate

Appears in

ANSI X12 EDI ISEDeferred Delivery Request Segment
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