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Apparel Magazine Honors Augusta Sportswear Brands’ Automated EDI Initiative

Attire Mag Honors Augusta Sports clothing Manufacturers’ Computerized EDI Initiative

Apparel Magazine recently honored 26 apparel companies for their initiatives using technology to streamline data to impact their business and their supply chains. EDI Here was delighted to nominate Augusta Sportswear Brands and see them honored as an Apparel 2019 Top Innovators.

The apparel manufacturer and marketer of activewear and spirit wear initiated a brand revival in 2018 across its original brands, Augusta Sportswear, Holloway and High Five, as well as announced a new partnership with Russel Athletic that extended their team wear brand. The company’s A Brand New Day campaign included new videos, product images and more to better showcase their brands across social media and catalogs to showcase their brands across social media and catalogs better.

At the same time, Augusta was advancing its internal systems to meet consumer trends, as well as providing flexibility and scalability. The apparel icon began using the EDI Here EDI solution in 2016 and was “entirely automated from day one” according to Marty Bruce, Senior Director of IT at Augusta. The solution makes it possible for customers to seamlessly order from the company’s owned brands or those it distributes through a single experience.

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