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B2B eCommerce Do Business online, don’t just sell online

B2B eCommerce: Do Industry on-line, don’t simply promote on-line

As consumers, more and more elements of our lives are moving online, but when it comes to B2B ordering many companies don’t even have the capability to sell online, let alone do business online.

Capturing sales at the click of a button, from anywhere at any time of day, enables sales growth, however, where companies can really reap the rewards of an online presence is when they can correlate sales growth with a reduction in operating expense and administration by doing business online.

When call centres, roaming sales forces and physical stores experienced unprecedented levels of disruption due to COVID-19, online selling became essential for many organisations to survive, however the need for an online presence extended beyond just a storefront.

Achieve 100% electronic trading with your customers

Trade electronically with your non-EDI enabled customers with a B2B eCommerce solution that combines the aesthetics of B2C eCommerce with the enhanced functionality required by businesses.

Do business online with B2B eCommerce

We understand that an enterprise level B2B eCommerce solution needs to provide far more than just the ability to just sell online. With our advanced B2B functionality and intuitive B2B storefront our client’s customers can check order statuses, view credit statements as well as access and pay invoices 24/7. Empowering your customers to take advantage of self-service streamlines both parties’ networks, as well as offering your clients the freedom to manage their orders at their convenience.

If you’re interested in growing your business online get in touch to find out how we can help you increase your revenue and reduce your costs.

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