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B2B eCommerce for ERP: The Perfect Complement

B2B eCommerce for ERP: The Best possible Supplement

Why B2B eCommerce is the Perfect Complement to ERP

Let’s face it… most sector leading companies have invested heavily in sophisticated ERP solutions to give themselves a competitive and operational edge. But after reaping the traditional benefits of well implemented business systems, increasing numbers of companies are moving on to open up various elements of their ERP solutions direct to their customers to improve the levels of efficiency and customer led services they can offer.

“51% of companies have identified ERP integration as an eCommerce investment priority” 


Companies who have succeeded in ERP integration with best of breed B2B eCommerce webstores and portals have achieved some amazing commercial results which include significantly improved customer experience.

Key Benefits Successful ERP Integration Companies Achieve

  1. Increased capacity to scale up operations to handle demand without any extra head count.
  2. Reduce errors by delivering customers faster access to more accurate and coordinated information, including B2B price lists and stock level related information.
  3. Reduce vendor related sales transaction costs and speed up the entire sale > delivery > payment cycle.
  4. Efficiently address the needs of smaller scale customers by fully automating more of the services they consume by putting them online.
  5. Leverage the same data and logic contained in the ERP system into a fully synchronised B2B eCommerce webstore or portal.
  6. Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing them with a far better B2B eCommerce experience that includes all the very latest ecommerce self-service facilities.
  7. Simplify IT infrastructure by avoiding data duplication and keeping the existing ERP and business logic flow central to the B2B eCommerce system.
  8. Save staff costs by removing the number of manual orientated business tasks and redirecting this same resource to more valuable areas of the business.
  9. Acquire quicker and richer analysis relating to the customer to feed business knowledge and decision making.
  10. Eliminated over reliance on key individuals.

Manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers successfully benefiting from integrating ERP with best of breed B2B eCommerce should gain significant savings and process advantages in all of the above areas.

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